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  1. Check out Geooh Live for Android. It has more features and looks better than the aging c:geo app. I checked out Geooh earlier. it is even worse that the new official app. Buggy and slow.
  2. Using the Settings->Apps->Geocaching I am able to see what version is installed. the screen captures that the others have shown I can faintly make out that there is something there but since it is almost white on white I can not make it out. Why is it hidden?
  3. I am guessing this is the screen? I have looked here before and I am not seeing it.
  4. On any other software program you go to the About, usually under Help and you can see what version is installed. NOT so with the Geocaching app. Where is the version installed number hidden?
  5. Thanks, that is working as a patch. I am looking for something more permanent though. Even simpler, if the map is rotated, then a red/white arrow icon appears at the top left of the map. Tap that once and the map will re-orient to North-up. If the red/white arrow icon isn't there, then the map is already in North-up orientation. Yes, I have that figured out. I want the map to always stay north up. No rotating at all.
  6. Thanks, that is working as a patch. I am looking for something more permanent though.
  7. If anyone thinks that settings would be confusing for some people then what happens when these people actually to look for a cache?
  8. There are times I am navigating to a cache and touch the screen or pinch to zoom in and the map gets rotated. I would like to lock the map to prevent this.
  9. Last week I sent in a trouble ticket and after exchanging emails a couple of times I received the following reply today. "That appears to be a bug that a small number of geocachers are experiencing. The devs are on it, and it should hopefully be fixed soon, or with our next update. "
  10. Tried that too. Only some caches show up. Also that app is really slow to load things. BTW I am a premium member.
  11. Yes it does that to me too. I called it lag as it will eventually update, usually by the time we are well past where the cache is. The Classic app does not have this problem. Right now this is the #1 problem they need to get fixed in the next 2 days before the Classic app goes dark.
  12. With the Classic app coming to a close in the next couple of days, I have been trying API apps for android. So far they all pretty much suck worse than the new official app. Take for instance GDAK. I installed it allowed permissions and logged in. It missing several basic caches near my location. Also, the logs for caches listed are not up to date. I was viewing one of the near by caches and the logs only go to October of last year! I know for a fact that this cache was found just this last Sunday. Other apps I have tried do not display any caches in live mode. Some others are just to cumbersome to use in a timely manner. Here is a short list of apps I have tried and they all fail in one way or another. GCDroid GDAK Locus Cachebox a:Drake Is there an app out there that actually works in live mode?
  13. I would get to within 60 feet and it would not update again until I was 60 feet past GZ. Did this several times on a few caches. Then we would switch over to the classic app and the distance would count down right to GZ first try. No problems with c:geo either.
  14. I hope they plan on fixing the lag between this new app and the phone's gps. It is bad enough when you are driving and it can not keep up, but there is no excuse for it when you are walking and is so slow that you can not get within 60 feet of a cache. The classic app does not have this problem as we used 2 identical Samsung Galaxy S7 today. One was with the new app and one with the classic. The classic app allowed the person using it to head right to ground zero and start searching. The person using the new app was wandering around aimlessly nowhere near the cache area. This needs to be fixed BEFORE the classic app is turned off.
  15. My phone just updated the app. I now see a heart next to the camera for favorites. There is also the drafts option available now. 15 more days to get the rest of the options fixed and installed.
  16. Oops, didn't realize I was in the Apple forum. Back to the Android area for me.
  17. I have looked for Cachly on the Google play store and can not find it. Do I need to download directly from the developer?
  18. If Geocaching is so set on making us Geocachers mad and making us not want to do this anymore why don't they just shut down the servers and be done with rather than lead us along with progressively worse apps? There have been mentions of other apps other than the official one, but as soon as I post the name of one the whole post is removed. Hey powers that be, wake up! Learn what we want, do not try to force some half bake garbage down our throats.
  19. Garmin has best in industry customer service?? Never when I have had to deal with them. They either flat out refuse to communicate or do their best to pass the buck by saying it is not their or their devices fault.
  20. Very poor planning on who ever thought of hiding it like that. I did see the report a problem but I thought it was for the app NOT the cache. NM NA both need to be on the log button. Now if they can just fix all the other stuff that is wrong with the new more gooder app.
  21. Our Delorme PN-30 needs replacing and since Garmin bought them out and discontinued the Earthmate series what is the best option out there? We have had Garmin in the past and never liked the units or the poor customer service from the company. Magellan is out as they are lacking in quality with poorly built units.
  22. Really? My app is up to date and it is not there. Just one of the many reasons why I am going back to C:Geo. It works and has all the features I want and need.
  23. OK let me rephrase this. I went to an event this past weekend. They publish 66 caches for the event and release them as a gpx file. How do I get that gpx file to load into My Lists so it will show up in this new app?
  24. I never had a problem getting a pocket query file (gpx) to load in the old paid app. How do I get one to load in the new free, only one available, app? Thanks
  25. What item of gear do you carry that you do NOT use? (The first on everyone's list should hopefully be a first aid kit.) The one item that we do not use that may surprise everyone is our Leatherman. Been carrying it since day one and have never used it. I already carry a knife so no need to pull out the Leatherman for that. The pliers are to bulky to reach into anything as a retrieving tool, we use a hemostat for that. I have been thinking of removing it to save weight and space.
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