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What's Your Favorite Log Entry?


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Most times, my log entries are fairly pedestrian and unmemorable. A few days ago I grabbed a FTF on cache that was the CO's first placed cache. I figured such an occasion was worthy of a more memorable log. So with the help of a little sleep deprivation I wrote a longer entry. I thoroughly enjoyed creating it and I got a nice comment back from the CO.


I'm not the most creative person around so I know there are some amazing log entices out there. What are some of your favorite log entries that you've written, seen on your caches or have seen on other's caches?

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This may be my favorite I've written. My DNF log from http://coord.info/GC2CW7C, Don't FENCE Me In!


So I worked my way through this puzzle last evening and after putting the kids to bed headed on out to try and round up the cache, surprised nobody else had FTF'd it yet. (Super-cool puzzle, by the way!)


After a bit of a drive and a short walk, I'm not too far from GZ, watching my GPSr bounce around like crazy, and trying to figure out how this thing is "close to the trail."


Spent WAY too much time digging around for this thing, working my way further and further from the trail. No luck. I'm bummed. Just as I'm about to head back to the geomobile, I hear voices coming down the trail. I'm too far off the trail to get back onto it and act natural, so I do the next best thing, hit the deck and kill the lights. They'll walk right by and never know, right??


Wouldn't you know it, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb pick a spot about 20 feet away from me to stop and "partake of the herbal remedies" while randomly flashing their flash lights off into the woods, flashing over my head by just a foot or two. Wonderful. You know, there's a moment up until which you can pop up, announce yourself, and beat a hasty retreat and everybody goes away happy, if not a little stunned. Unfortunately, that moment slipped away, and by the time I made that realization, I was in it for the long haul.


So I had to wait it out until the Bong Brothers got bored and finally meandered off down the trail.. about 40 minutes after arriving. So I got to lay on the forest floor and gaze off into the starry sky for a bit longer than I would have preferred. As soon as they moved on, I beat feet out of there and headed for home empty-handed.


Thanks for the cool puzzle, and the (probably straightforward to find) cache that somehow eluded me. I will be back!

I came back and logged the FTF the next morning.

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What are some of your favorite log entries that you've written,


I did a rest stop cache in Wyoming where I talked about the toilet paper being as ephemeral as a hand full of smoke and sang the praises of my daily Fiber One cereal bar for breakfast. I quite liked that one. :huh::unsure:


seen on your caches


Just about any log on my Claustrophobic's Nightmare or Quantum Leap 5/5 caches. B) Claustrophobic's Nightmare gets the best DNF logs. People are just happy to have been lead to that spot.


or have seen on other's caches?


Oregone is my favorite log writer. I have never been the same since I read his Soapy Boy! Rinsey Boy! log. :ph34r:;):ph34r::)B)


I'm deeply saddend by the fact that I can't get my wife to play along for Soapy Boy Rinsey Boy at home. :(

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Here's the log that came to mind for me. I wrote it for a Christmas cache that a local cacher hides each year. It contains wrapped gifts for geocachers during the holiday season. Last year, he upgraded the box and added Christmas lights that lit when the lid opened and a logbook that played a carol. His Christmas cache is truly a highlight of the season for area cachers.


My log:


"We parked at the Spruce Mountain trail head a little after 11 and started up the trail. We were sure glad that others had broken a trail for us through the snow. As we walked along, we reminisced about finding the Adirondack Traveler last year not far from where we were walking and about a hike to Spruce Mountain fire tower before we started geocaching from which I returned with an actual dent in my backside (which lasted for over a year!) resulting from a spectacular failure to hoist myself up onto the closed tower. Mary Lou Retton has never had any competition from me, but if my husband had been videoing the incident, I imagine that I could have been a competitor on "Funniest Videos". All the while we were walking, remembering and laughing, we were also looking for a trail off to the side where other cachers had made their way to the cache. When we saw none, we thought others must have gone another, probably easier, way, so we decided to make like Prancer and Vixen in the direction of the cache. We saw evidence of other ruminant action, where deer had dug down in the snow to find acorns. Their trails helped guide us through the snow-covered terrain. Then, (que the heavenly found-it music) we spotted the glorious cache shining like a beacon of pure joy under its wintery cap of snow! And, lo, we beheld that the snow around it had not been touched by man nor beast! This was a great miracle, it seemed to us! We were FTF! We couldn't imagine anything better, but when we opened the lid to see what the GeoSantas had left for cachers this year, we laughed with glee to see the surprises the box contained. You really have outdone yourselves this year!! WOW! Once we regained our composure and had signed the log, we chose a package and returned by a different route to our car where we opened our gift. The wrapping contained a complete, new cache! Hmmm. How shall we hide it? The ideas were many as we headed home from a wonderful caching experience.


"Thank you most sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. GeoSanta, for your continued generosity, creativity and good spirits! Your Christmas caches are a joy of the season! We wish you and all geocachers joyous holiday celebrations and a safe, wonderful year of caching in 2010! Printess Caroline and CJM55"


flask is my favorite log writer in the area. I haven't read any new ones from her recently. I hope she is okay!!

Edited by Printess Caroline
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Hard to pick a favorite cause I had many kinds of logs


one person returned to my cache area for an anniversary


another found one in 18 inches of snow with his wife for a FTF


others come back time and again with friends and express how much they like the place.


I really enjoy an informative log which helps me do it with them, and to adjust anything that needs it.


see for caches GCE75F GC9F26

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