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Collecting Travel Bugs

Lil Devil

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I'm going to be taking a couple of trips in the next few weeks. One will be about 150-200 miles, up into the Sierras in No. Calif. The other will be halfway across the country to Austin, Texas. I will be staying in each place for a week, and plan to hit many Geocaches.


I want to take some travel bugs with me, so they can be moved some major distances. I have been collecting them for a few days now, and have 4 bugs so far. I hope to take up to a dozen or so.


So my question is, is this a good idea, or am I being selfish?




Lil Devil lildevil.gif

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Make sure you check the goals of each TB before you go moving them halfway across the country. I would be rather unhappy if I had a TB that was almost to its goal, only to have someone move it 1500 miles away.


If the move would help reach the bugs' goals, go ahead and take several.



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But if people are going to just harvest them. then why do we have them.


I mean if one person grabs a dozen, hops a plane to hawaii. has the bug really traveled that distance? if thats the case, why don't we just assign one person to move all of them then?


I always thought the concept of the bug was to Hop(as in short distances, 30 miles or less unless the next one in the path is farther) from cache to cache. Not rocket!


My wife has one. it's goal is to get near a cache in Bend,Or the first person to find it was going to do it in ONE JUMP!!! (luckly it has made a shorter move and if the person who moved it is reading this. this is my opinion not my wife's)


If a Goal is to travel 2400 miles and it does it in a single jump, how is the bug supposed to pick up stories?


BUG NOTE: Picked up bug from its release point in chicago. Flew it to Los Angles. Flight attendant was unimpressed by my show of dog tagged Beanie Babies. signed Bug Harvester


This is not what I want to see on My Bug logs. But then again I have no control over what an individual will do.


My vote is

No Harvesting

No Long Jumps (Unless it's part of the Goal)


p.s. Somebody please bring Big Dog the Dragon back to one of it's homes!!


Cache On!!



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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I like the idea of taking a bunch of bugs on a trip, but as someone already said, I think it's very important to check a bug's goals before potentially taking it very far away.


Incorporating what someone else said, I don't know if I agree that the point of a bug is to move it in small jumps. It all depends on the bug's goals. If it, like so many, has only a goal to move around a lot, why not take it on a plane?


However, if a bug has a specific goal to visit long distances, why not help out? My Nanook bug wants to go to all of the continents. Kablooey grabbed it out of a local cache and mailed it to Embi in Australia. I have no problem with this. Once Nanook is placed in a cache, he sure will have racked up lots of miles!


It all comes down to checking the goal of a bug before grabbing and/or moving it long distances.



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