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  1. Last Bump I promise. Cache On!! James "Red Tail Hawk" (formaly Big Dog) -Clan Ferguson
  2. Bump I want to make sure those who understand what I am talking about can get a chance to see this. Cache On!! James "Red Tail Hawk" (formaly Big Dog) -Clan Ferguson
  3. quote:Originally posted by umc: My wife calls me a Wild Man on our Weekend Adventures where I put my Golden Ball (s) to work and then she says AHO while I (re)group with the Big Dog at the MKP or NWT. Thank the Maker for the Internet. Cache On!! James "Red Tail Hawk" (Formaly Big Dog) -Clan Ferguson
  4. Do the any of the following mean anything to you? I am just looking for folks that may share my intesrt in Geocaching as well as this. MKP or NWT Weekend adventure I-group Wild Man Golden Ball AHO! Red Tail Hawk (formaly Big Dog)
  5. quote:Originally posted by Markwell: Playing Devil's Advocate - If I understand the concepts, this is a one day cache where you're asking people to stop by. I guess the only thing differentiating your event cache from other events is that there is very little chance for the cachers to actually meet and congregate. I vote that this event cache be listed as such, and approved. http://www.markwell.us http://www.chicagogeocaching.com I will see you there right? After all you were one of the folks that help convince me to do it again and post a new page. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  6. Erik thank you. Just because I don't want to miss lead people my halloween cache has already been approved. I was just worried about future versions. Now I have one more request: Could we get Erik's post (or a varation there of) intergrated into the cache hidding guidelines please. Thank you. and I still hope to see local cachers on Halloween. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  7. I have re-read this forum 3 times maybe I am asking the wrong question. Why can't my Halloween cache be an event?? I realize that it is not a cacher only event but it is still an event. or better still What are the guidelines for EVENT caches?? which I think is what I really intended to ask. Thanks again. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  8. I am talking about me, one cache once a year. How much extra work can that be even if you consider the number of people who would goto that kind of effort. (hence is why I only do it once a year) so the discission has been made and is finnial. From now onm Temps or one-days are a NO-NO!! am I right?? I get to post coords of every odd ball tourist attraction, on the off chance that sombody will go to the effort of driving out of thier way just to take a picture of thier gps. but If I want to post a cache to encourge folks to come out to public free event. safe and fun for the whole family. I should just go find some place else to post my stuff. thanks to everyone who posted. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  9. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):It's about the purpose of the site and the load that the admins have for approving caches. Okay I can understand the load thing. not sure the best way to minamise that. but I think telling people "NO you can't post those." is not the best solution. because then you run the risk of rallying the anti virt/locationless people to say "well then, include those in the NO list". quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):If it's temporary, why post it? The idea for having listings is that folks can look them up at any time and seek them out. Caches that are up one day and gone the next aren't really appropriate for the purpose of the site. However, an event cache is. I am (or was) trying to post up to a month in advance to give folks plenty of notice in much the same way an event would be done. while the cache itself is temporary the fact that it can been seen for such a long period gives folks a chance to plan for it. so how is it different from an event? quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin): Look at it this way. A multicache is a series of caches, but only one cache listing exists. An event cache can have multiple caches as well, but they shouldn't be listed separately. Well my one issue with that comment is what about the people who post MULTIPLE normal caches that and calling the collection of them a Multi-stage. you can log a find for each stage. I site example Lord of the Rings It uses 4 Single stages to devulge the location of this one. It is also by no means a lone example, in our area atleast. as it was inspired by antother local cacher. Doesn't that create a load problem or are these going to be disallowed too. My Solution. Gives each user control to use one cache page each for all thier ONE-day/Temp caches. (archive/unarchive , I know we can disable/enable but those still show up on the closest lists) as it is only a temp/one-day thing I don't think it really would hurt anything as the cache would be removed almost as fast as it was placed. I could have reused my old Halloween cahe page. this might have help minimise server/admin load and space. Just a thought. I also like Cheesehead Dave's Idea of give some outside people rights to approve only temp/one-day caches. Thank you Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  10. Go right ahead a buy macs. everybody should buy macs! MAC MACS MACS!!!!! Buy a Mac so Mac will get as big and as greedy as Microsoft. Then thier software will come dwon to the precieved declining level of PCs. So yes Buy MACs!!!! On a controlled system enviorment where EVERYthing has to be personally approved by the Manufactuer yes you will get a much stabler enviorment. But at a higher cost. Personally I like Tinkering with my PC and once I have it set with the software I want to use. My PC crashes very infrequently and I leave them running 24/7. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  11. quote:Originally posted by Anvil Forge:I was wondering if there would be an interest if I gave coordinates to a Holloween cache. The catch is, it would only be for Holloween night. I know a place where the yard is covered with carved pumpkins, and Holloween decorations, a real neat place for young and old. He'd love to have a few more visiters. Of course, you'd have to live kinda close to where the cache would be. Do you think it would work? We are doing our 2nd annual one. Last Years Here Lies the Cache This Years Cache of the Dead . But I recommned giving local folks MUCH advance notice. essepicaly if you don't have many caches near your home. Last year , while we had nearly 400 visitors we only had 1 logged geocacher. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  12. WOAH!!! I just poseted the same question else in th e Discussing forum. What are guidelines for Events?? Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  13. Is that a Locationless not a virtual? at least by the guidelines I mean?? Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  14. Last year I posted a cache for Halloween as an event cache as it was a cache hidden at an event. Granted not strictly a geocacher event but event none the less. This year I went for the second annual version of the same cache. I disscussed it online wiht some of my fellow local cachers and they recommended posting a whole new page. I did and admin made it a regular cache as events are ment to be about or stricly for cachers. I am cool with this as it still gets me posted. But now on our local fourm there is talk that even "one-day" caches are not going to allowed. as this supposedly promotes find padding. I not sure if this is true or not as I can find no documents on the web site as to the guideline for an event. I hope it is not true because I really enjoy doing my halloween cache, it really test your ability to be sneaky.(there is a physical box) but it is only active for about 5 hours one day a year.and I have given at least a months notice. I am not doing this so folks can pad there finds. I am not making this kind of cache more then once a year. But I would like to be able to continue with this as part of our halloween celeberation. Thank you for response in advance. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  15. I use the GEOCLIPPING program to put them in my Palm with hints encrypted. then if I need them and to keep me from reading them unnecessarly, i use a hint decoder. so it's just copy paste decode! Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  16. Gustaf #2 or #3 comes closest. the others are either too complex or too contrived for my tastes. I wish I could think of one to help but every time I put my mind to it it winds up being some dirivtive or the Groundspeak logo. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  17. I believe this whole common logo thing is over the fact that a FEW people are minting coins and then selling them. My understand was that as long as you aren't using the logo to sell something or promote GC in a badlight there really is no problem. and to that wit you have to leave the logo in it's square 4 color version with a TM mark and the website address near it. Right?? But I guess my real question is why are so many people worried about this? Are there that many of us miniting coins, that we need to have OUR Own logo?? This whole issue is over OUR right to mint coins to sell and GC tring to hold on to THIER rights to the logo and idenity? So am I missing something?? sidenote: I hope this hasn't become(or is becoming) an US vs THEM between the community and our host benafactor. cause I am starting to see that too. I feel GC is more then fair with how they let us use the logo. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  18. Why not just change the waypoint from CGxxxx to LCxxxx for locationless. in much the same way as has been done for benchmarks. just a thought. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  19. PVC tube looks like a bomb! Ammo can Looks Like a bomb! Mortar tube Looks like a bomb! (heck it used to carry a bomb) Tupperware Looks like a bomb! (I belive the first cache blown up was a tupperware container) Lets face it in a post 911 world any closed container left were the public can see it is going to run the risk of being misconstruded as an explosive device. and it doesn't matter the size, shape, or design. So here's my thought. HIDE THEM BETTER! Don't hide them near population centers. and when you find it, hide it just like you found it or better then you found it. and personaly Clear containes aren't going to help either. Some people just freak out at the sight of a closed container semi-hidden in public. And if a Bomb squad comes out they will detnotate first ask questions later. Nobody in this game is going to see a PVC tube and tink "Oh No! a BOMB!" so putting on the website "NOT a BOMB" isn't going to help the muggles. because unfortuntly in a post 911 world Paranoia wins out over common sense. and as for thinking, writng anything or a sticker on the outside that says NOT A BOMB or GEOCACHE or something to that effect...Right. No terriost is smart enought to do that to try and diswade people from believing it's a bomb. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  20. Not sure when the last time this was asked. But would it be possible to have some sort of filter on the closet caches displayed. I would like to filter out any cache listed with the not icon or as one I already found. as we do not hunt them. and they are begining to over flow the first two pages of closest caches. Thnak you Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  21. Why do I stop participating in group discussions on projects?? OH YEAH!! Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  22. Just for the sake of saying it. I Never said you HAVE TOO TRADE. I said My opinion was if your not trading your not caching ,but this my personal feeling. The mantra Clan Ferguson caches by. It's hard to convice people who are not into caching to come with if it means slogging through mud, bramble, and Mosquitos the size of humming birds in 90 Degree weather or pouring rain just to sign a piece of paper. Then you want them to pick up trash too?? If that had been my first cache or how cache had been described to me, I would have said "Get bent, I'll stay on the short trail thank you!" But tell them there is the promise of even the smallest goodie or some sort of soviner and they are all over it. (Yes even after I have shown them my assortment of broken pencils, golf balls, and half empty cans of new car smell.) This is why I don't do Virts,Locationless, or Mircos(unless they are part of a multi stage) I don't enjoy them but it doesn't mean I want everyone to stop hunting them. Also I ASKED TNLNers, "Please trade." I never said it should be a hard fast rule. I only quoted the FAQ as a point to show where my opinion comes from. I think too many people think in absolutes. all I wanted was to get more people to trade, in the hopes they we can all lead by example, while avoiding the dreaded Quality/Quanity arguement. But I guess some people hear what they want to hear. I believe "Cache In, Trash Out." Should extend beyond the junk we pick up off the trails. So I am Sorry to anyone who heard MORE RULES, MORE RULES!! or IF YOU DON"T DO IT MY WAY YOU S#$@!! That was never my intention. These should proabply be another thread but... Two more points or "As I see it" 1. I have read several books on Orienteering and have even tried it. Quite enjoyable. But saying GPSing is not like Orienteering is like saying Typing a post in the forums is not like Talking to others. All you've done when you GPS is let Technolgy tell you where your are so you don't need to count paces or take compass bearings and compare landmarks to a map. and yes I have Geocached with out the aid of my GPS. 2.and as far as require a custom made stamp. that could be as simple as a shape with your initals craved out of short block of wood. Not much different then signing your name on paper if you ask me. Once Again sorry Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  23. quote:Originally posted by umc:So why did we need two threads for the same subject? http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ I started this thread because I was curious how many do what. I started the other thread to explain myself with out tainting the results of this poll. thats why the other thread came later in the day. Djjd, I don't know about you but I don't need a GPS and a reason to go for a walk. I started Geocaching as a fun thing for the family to do outside the home. and I am sorry if my Opinion offends you. but as I said it's my opinion and I have a right to voice it. Collecting the treasures to me is like making a scrap book of my journey. Sorry if that makes me hyperfocused and materialistic. But we all got our hobbies. and yes in my world and my group it is the only correct way to cache. but when I go cacheing I don't see you in my group, so I don't see a problem. And to everyone, Thanks for the responses. and for those who hav't voted yet. Please don't let the contents of this thread sway your decison to vote. Thank you Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  24. quote:Originally posted by umc:Um, from what I can tell - you used that line (in the other tnln poll thread) 10 hours _after_ CF used it in his original post here. Maybe I missed something? Ok so I need to learn how to tell time. dadgum I suck. So sorry for stealing your line and I am not as clever as I thought. Sorry again. http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ Don't need to apoligize to me I didn't accuse you of theft. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson
  25. quote: Orignally Posted by Clan Ferguson Attention the following is my opinion not a personal attack on anyone Let me repeat My opinion. and before you say it, I know thoses are just your Opinions. quote: Orignally Posted by Whidbey Walk Except that in letterboxing, you take an impression of a stamp and leave an impression of a stamp. Oh and you don’t use a GPS receiver to find the letterbox You leave a Sig same as a stamp. what you take is up to you. Okay ditch the GPS grab a Compass and a Topo and follow those clues. Hey it would up the difficulty. Rubbertoe, Who said steal. I used the word hork to display folks who always trade down. I didn't say take it home I said thats what I did. I am suggesting rotating items you take from cache A put it in cache B. You know Kinda like a travel bug. By the way our Treasure chest has more then one "dirty golf ball or broken pencil". Most Caches I've come across were log says TNLN are usally a bit lacking. I suggest if things moved around then the items in the cache would always look fresh and might encourge the next guy to trade. Prime Suspect, We carry a compact umbrella in our pack for just such an occasion. ------------ I am not Suggesting that you have to keep the items and if your not helping maintain a cache by removing water logged, trash, moldy items your not helping the comunity either. I am not suggesting imposing you defination of Cacheable items. But come on you've never opened one and found a gum wrapper or cig butt. Bigredmed, Right On! If we find a cache thats thin on tradables we always leave double. Not saying you have to do any of this. it is just my opinion. and my feelings about caching. If you want to do else wise GO FOR IT!!! to rip off Forest Gump, Cachers are, As cachers do. Cache On!! James "Big Dog" -Clan Ferguson [This message was edited by Clan Ferguson on September 24, 2002 at 02:29 PM.]
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