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Are there benchmarks in Peru?

Nuffie and Rabbit

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While hiking the Inca Trail lat week in Machu Picchu ,Peru I came upon a circular bronze marker cemented in the ground near the Inca bridge. It is labeled "Santuario Historico De Machu Picchu, 2006, (a triangle), Punto Geodesico, Orden C, 138". I have a photo, but do not know how to post it on this page. Is this marker considered a benchmark? Thank you. Nuffie

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It could be a benchmark, not a US one of course. I always understood the definition of benchmark (in this context) to be some type of survey marker or monument of known and precisely measured location, either horizontally or vertically. But of course, correct me if I'm wrong.


The way you upload pictures here is to upload them first to a photo hosting site such as photobucket, and then that site will provide you with a direct link to the image, and then you copy and paste that link to this forum, if you want to make it a clickable link, you would first choose the link button in the text editor here, and then paste it there instead. Good luck.

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yes it sounds like a benchmark to me...(but i have been wrong before), but only US benchmarks are able to be logged on gc.com. I know for Canadian Benchmarks there is a category on Waymarking.com so they can be logged. There is a benchmark close to where I live and I use it to calibrate the altimeter on my GPSr because it is one with lat, long, and alt associated with it.

It is my guess that there will be benchmarks basically everywhere that there are government controlled lands (either owned or taxed) so they can keep track of who owns what etc..

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We have just returned from Peru and we found 4 of these around Machu Pic'chu.

Two were on the path to the Inca bridge, one up at the Sun Gate and one within the archeological site itself,

It's a pity that only US benchmarks can be logged.

I have photos of them all.

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57 minutes ago, SimmyJellers said:

I just came home from peru with pictures and information on 3 "benchmarks". I went to log them on GC, and could't find anything, and then found this forum. Glad it was here....10 years later :-)


There's an explanation here.  

Simply, a (hopefully just temporary for the site...) means for folks to "use a GPSr"  until more caches were placed.   :)

There may be something you're looking for in Waymarking .  You use your membership here to join.

 I didn't look through it, but maybe if another entered it, one might be here.


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