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My Finds Query BUG!


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Have any of you noticed this bug?


Let me first give you some background info. When I download the weekly "My Finds" Query to load into GSAK, &/or several other Statistical programs, as well as open the GPX file in notepad I notice ERRORS in the CORRECT dates of "My Found" logs.


Example for July 2010.


in the downloaded GPX file. I noticed on 18 (Eighteen) SEPERATE dates there were INCORRECT dates listed for the "My Found" log.


Example: July 26th, Geocaching.com on the webpage listing shows that I found 11 finds for that day. The GPX file REPORTS 19 finds.


On July 24th, Geocaching.com reports and shows I had 20 finds for that day. The GPX file shows only 8 finds for that day.


Geocaching.com is showing & reporting the CORRECT dates, the downloaded GPX file is showing the incorrect dates.


Since this happened on at least 18 different days, with well over 100 caches. (I found 306 caches for July 2010) this makes ANY statistical Analysis INCORRECT and BOGUS!


Frankly I don't give a rat's a** WHY the system is doing it. I just want a quick EASY fix to this other than manually editing the GPX file in notepad. This is a royal PITA as this problem also exists for EVERY SINGLE MONTH SINCE JANUARY 2010. Bug isn't evident in any months prior to January. It also doesn't appear to be happening currently for any months AFTER July.


This bug ONLY is reflective of Months between January 2010 and July 2010.


Like I said I DON'T care about why this is happening. Just want a quick easy fix for all future downloads of the "My Finds" Query GPX file. (Other then manually editing the GPX file in GSAK &/or Notepad)






P.S..... Would also love to see Groundspeak fix this error. But that probably won't happen anytime soon. I have reported it to them.

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I think the latest version of the most popular GSAK macro for find analysis (FSG) successfully deals with some inconsistent handling of dates and times from Groundspeak.


You might check there if you want a GSAK solution.


(If this is a case of "non-standard" logging methods. You will be required to give a rat's a** about details, though.)

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I get the same thing whether I log finds with the iPhone or on the computer.

What I am seeing is that the MyFinds query picks up on the date I actually enter the log rather than the date that I put that I found it. In other words, if I find 10 caches today but am not able to log them until tomorrow, then the GPX file generated from the MyFinds query will show that I found those 10 caches today. However, my calendar on the geocaching.com site shows everything correctly. Go figure. It's too much of a pain to edit the date for every cahce that has the wrong date, too, but I was kind of bummed that it makes my streak appear broken.

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