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Best Gloves for Caching

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Winter is on the way and I'm determined to find a pair of gloves suitable for geocaching and wondered if anyone could recommend any. I have some sealskinz and whilst waterproof they don't keep my hands warm. I'm looking for a pair that are waterproof, warm and thin enough to operate the GPS, hold a pen etc. I've seen fishermen seem to go for Neoprene, does anyone know what they are like?

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Sealskinz make mountain bike gloves which have had very good reviews in the bike mags however Ive never tried them,myself. Have a look at their competitors, Porelle, I believe they make good gloves too. Only time I wear gloves is for the nettle hidden caches, and even then it`s only a pair of mountain bike gloves, guess I must have warm hands.

Neoprene isn`t waterproof, as far as I know, I think it`s just an insulating layer, i.e. it lets in water but your body heat warms up said water and keeps you warm.

I may be wrong on the last bit, but, that`s the way I understand it.

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I use two pairs. For warmth I have a pair of Thinsulate fingerless gloves that leave my fingers above the knuckles free for pressing buttons and keys. I do not suffer greatly from cold hands and find these work well for me.


For nettles, thorns, grovelling in unseen hollow trees and similar places I use leather faced gardening gloves which resist nettles, gorse, holly and hawthorn spikes.


Neither of these is waterproof, though the gardening gloves are adequate for rain. As I said, this combination works for me.

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