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Nation Wide Geocache hunt


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Nat'l Geocaching Contest - Alternate Reality Meets Ultimate Treasure Hunt in Stephen Lawhead's latest novel, "The Skin Map." Join the contest to win free prizes.


It being advertised on FaceBook as a "Nat'l Geocaching Contest" but I didn't know if anyone was involved or trying or had heard of it..

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Forgive my noobness if I am wrong but this isn't Geocaching. There are no coordinates given. it looks like you are using clues given to you to find a location but not a cache. Essentially he is using the 'hunt' to get people to his book signings. Like today's clue you have to go to Borders books in Seattle where he is having a book signing. You're supposed to ask HIM for a clue and a gift. It's more publicity gimmick and less geocaching. Also they actually never use the term geocaching.

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But boy, they knew exactly what group to target for the thrill of a hunt. There are two parts, the book signings people can go to get a clue for something else but there is also a separate clue that has nothing to do with his book signing. For example, he was in WA state but the "cache" ( and he is calling them caches, just not geocaches) was in Cincinnati.


It seems pretty cool to me.

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