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  1. I have a picture of two kids who were with me at the time when we found this - after climbing all over the dam! Where is this, by the way? I can't remember, but would like to go back there sometime. Austin Dam Memorial Park Austin, PA
  2. I like it, but... I hope no one camps in the area. Hey Bill there's a nice piece of firewood!
  3. Wrong or right she was rude and ignorant. I love the "box thing' because GPS is so hard to spell. Maybe she was talking about the container, understandable she doesn't know how to spell that though. I mean Oprah hasn't had a special on it yet. If she did though then everything would be cool. She was probably afraid you were going to smell her meth lab. Wow, can you tell I hate people?
  4. On a side note. Here in the PNW a lot of people and even Physicians diagnose any necrotizing spider bite as a Brown recluse bite. In actuality they are hobo spider bites. I have a 3 centimeter scar on my right hip from a brown recluse per my MD 20 yrs a go. Problem is we don't have brown recluse spiders up here. As far as the cache goes you have four options. 1. Move the cache 2. Move the spider 3. Warn people of said spider 4. Smoosh said spider. P.S. After almost a week of intense pain where I could hardly walk, sleep, or even move I would choose number 4.
  5. Sadly every so often these bomb alerts turn out to be real and deadly.
  6. Ummmmm, yeah. I'm thinking your definition of BM is different than mine, at least I hope. So at the risk of sounding stupid what is a BM? Also that kind of response sounds kind of heavy handed for a bank. I would say there is something more sensitive in there. That 'something else' could be a protest favorite like an animal lab or something federal like the ATF. Something in there is important and they are looking out for it. I know, it's the aliens from Roswell,
  7. Would this 'power tower' by chance be feeding the rather large hospital across the street? Power lines are considered a 'soft' target for terrorism: domestic, global, or just a psych pt. If the satellite image is current the cache is out in the middle of an empty field. Someone walking around a power pole in the middle of nothing would capture my attention also. If they searched the cache than that is probably where they got the name of Got C4. Add it all up I can see why someone had a nice chat with PD.
  8. First off I am not connected in any way to this website, I just buy bazooka casings and nuclear weapons from them every so often. This could be a cool cache container, according to the site these are government spec possible geocache containers. Delrin Storage Capsule Original Government Use Unknown. We have a limited overrun of “Waterproof Delrin® Storage Capsules”. We are not quite sure what Uncle Sam is putting in his lightweight capsules, but we are using ours to keep small important items close and secure. Brand new, never used overrun from government contract. Possible uses include: Geo-Caching, Pet Identification, Emergency Cash Stash, Water Purification Tablets, Pill Storage. Delrin® is a lightweight, extremely stable space age polymer. Overall Length: 51.8mm or 2” External Diameter: 15.6mm or .6” Internal Opening: 10.4mm or .41” Internal Depth: 38.6mm or 1.5” Weight 6.8 Grams Lid is secured via flange to cap seal ( Internal o-ring ) U.S. Made If James Bond Geocached this would be his micro!!
  9. I guess I am curious about something. The person who made that statement on the cache page is a reviewer. And after looking through the online application for placing a cache I have a simple question. Why is there not a requirement to describe how and where the cache is to be placed. If there was then this reviewer or another reviewer could have said, wait this difficulty is too low. By what I see there is no such requirement to specifically say how it is going to be placed. The note to reviewer almost seems to be an option. Example... I am going to put it under capstone that is part of a brick wall along the highway. The capstone is about chest high and weighs in at about 25lbs. The container will be a small plastic container approx. 1"X2" black in color to blend in with the darkness of the hole. Maybe this would help in dealing with improper placements and improper ratings.
  10. I make the above post on the 12th and the cache is found on the 14th over a month after placement. Coincidence I don't think so. Told ya, optical illusion.
  11. Wait, I figured it out. It's an optical illusion. Stare at the black dot on the right for 23 seconds and then look to the left and you'll see the cache. I'm buying plane tickets right after I post. My first FTF, yes!!
  12. In one my whopping fifty finds (I know, noob). I actually set my GPS on the fence post the cache was located and it said .01 feet from coordinates. I thought that was pretty cool, I guess these things are scary accurate. And yes it still took me twenty minutes to figure out where the cache was hidden in said post. Sorry back on topic. I love the guard rail box cache. We have one locally that is made to look like the rest of the buildings supports, tricky find.
  13. You know what's frustrating? Yeah, I got a list but I'll stick with this topic. You could even take it a step further. These teams could be publishing caches just to get FTF's. Maybe they make up the caches, sign the log as first, place it and then wait until it's published to log it online. Once again you get into the sticky wicket of though it's not against the rules it is against the spirit of the game. I'm kind of curious what has been the upkeep of these caches. Good? Hey it's another cache for people. Bad? It shows they were only going after FTF's.
  14. Now wait there is some serious misunderstanding about the 'period' as a response. See back in the early 1st century roaming nomads often would have to sign hundreds of caches a year. The nomads only occasionally ran into the Bic clan caravans that would restock their pen supplies for a few rabbit skins. Since they wanted to conserve ink they would often mark their caches with a simple period or in some cases an x. In actuality it means this... Dear sir or madam: We would like to place our names in consideration for a logged find on this cache. The Gunter clan found this cache four moons past the harvest day sacrifice. We would like to thank you for a well thought out and well hidden cache. The view of the slime pits of Mugglethrop were quite beautiful and the smell was quite lively on this sweltering day. We took an arrowhead and left a McDonald's clan toy. Signed log. Thanks for the cache. Someday I'll tell you how they traded for the batteries they needed for their GPS.
  15. Tell me about it. Every so often an idea is thrown around about jazzing up our bills but it always gets shot down. I like the idea of different colors for different denominations (like so much of the world) makes it quick and easy. That will be one purple and two oranges please! Greenbacks. Boring!! Our old food stamps were more creative than our actual money.
  16. Secret Service probably wouldn't mind having that..
  17. I call dibs on making the Official "Souvenir" Geocache Spoons!!! Ohh and the Official "Souvenir" shot glasses as well. With your name on them of course.
  18. I wish I could remember which one it was, but one of the cache I looked at with Google maps had a trail right up to the little red marker that shows where the cache is.
  19. Am I being to touchy or doesn't that seem kind of insulting? I mean basically it says "your cache sucks but at least it's good to increase my numbers?" Unlike thanks for the cache, good hide & great site.
  20. Or in my case, about 350 clicks. 1 ) Click on notification email. 2 ) Click "Visit Log" link. 3 ) Click "Delete Log" button. 4 ) Click "Confirm" button. 5 ) Click "X" to close page. Repeat 70 times. Remember that Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio movie where Leo is a con artist. The FBI finally catches him and makes him work for them. Maybe GS needs to find this guy and put him to work creating a bot that automatically deletes BS logs on all caches by the username of the faker. Then of course go all Hustler on him and break all his fingers. JK about the last part.
  21. The the DOH moment was followed by... You didn't put the whole quote. It actually read... The the DOH moment was followed by... a rush of comforting warm air from the ceiling. DOH = Direct Overhead Heating.
  22. If you have a full set salad bowls with the words Cool Whip on the side, you might be a Redneck. Jeff Foxworthy
  23. Have you seen our unemployment rate and economy? Somebody needs to hold us up.
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