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Cachekinz question


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No sure you are going to get much response here. People here would know better and I would say are more coin related than TB. To bad there is not forum for other travelers.


but back to your question. They all clearly state they are trackable and moving, so I don't think they will go missing anymore than a TB.

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Of course, with any traveler, your mileage may vary. I'm not sure 'cute' is the defining quality that makes things stay or get lost. Plus 'cute' is in the eye of the beholder.


I have a few out, and they seem to be doing okay. I like them because they are relatively inexpensive, and are not rare. Releasing a traveler is always taking a risk and accepting that it will be lost eventually, the question is just how soon that will happen.

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I some times think that the cachekins coin are so cute that kids take them and parents are afraid to make them pass them on. I had one that disappeared after a family of kids found the cache it was in and it has not been heard from since. It is sad that I will never know where it is but if this child is enjoying it then i guess all is not lost.

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