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  1. I actually found tb at garage sells and did not know what they were before becoming a cacher. Now I really dig thru stuff to see if i can find them.
  2. My bug was listed here even though the owner of the cache that closed it down promised to finally move it Was in Door county park in Wisc..
  3. The people that take tbugs geo coins and do not move them along. This happens even after contacting them, and their promising to move them along.
  4. I have not entered a needs maintenance log that the owner has not indicated that as soon as possible they would check on this cache. However if it is wet I ty to dry it out and always carry new log material or even containers with me to repair a cache and let the owner know that I havae done this. sometimes I will seal the old wet log in a baggy hoping when the owner checks on the cache he or she can rescue the logs.
  5. I like ammo boxes because the only one of those that I have found that was not in good shape serviced a forest fire. This was good intense fire I might add. I found one that the person finding a head of me had left open and laying in the path. I feel bad for the person placing this cache because someone inconsiderate damaged it. I always carry some forms of rplacement pieces and let the owener now what i have done. For those wanting to do ammo boxes go for it those of us that are still new like them a lot.
  6. As a Geocacher myself with TB's and Geocoins that have stalled in places I would want it to be moved even if it were off its course. Someone will come along that can get it back on track. In my opinion movement is better that being archived because it has not been moved from an inactive cache or someones' geocache bag.
  7. Yes I have this same issue since the Firefox upgrades. The new upgrades will not support the Garmin plugins.
  8. I agree, as we have gone caching on the Gandy dancer trail near us and everyone says parking abailable and none that we have been seeking so far have had safe parking available. we have parked and prayed that we did not get toed or get a ticket.
  9. Since I just had the experience of wondering why my bug had not moved I sent an email to the cacher that last picked it up. Why it did not get moved was because the cacher suffered a serious back injury and delivering tb's to a new cache just has to wait for their health to improve. I was glad that I decided to contact this person because now I will be much more patient to see my tb move when the cacher is well enough to do this. It will be a more joyeous event because I will know the cacher is doing much better.
  10. I some times think that the cachekins coin are so cute that kids take them and parents are afraid to make them pass them on. I had one that disappeared after a family of kids found the cache it was in and it has not been heard from since. It is sad that I will never know where it is but if this child is enjoying it then i guess all is not lost.
  11. Ok, I am sure a serious answer maybe what you are looking for so yes to the skunk, and yes to the dead animal but thankfully not at the same time. Whoops was that a serious answer.
  12. I several months ago I posted a forum note about a cache I had made several 5 or 6 attempts to find but couldn't. I indicated that the cache owners hints were not even in the area the coord took me in. I finally took another cacher with me and we still could not find it. We moved brush. We took a rake to the area and nothing. Finally after many experience cachers have also come up empty handed even in larger groups the cache owner has put a hold on it until he can check it out to verify that it is still there. The area has been heavily logged since the hide and the terrain changed plus the cache has a history of being muggled. these mysteries intrigue me and I can not let them go. But I was glad to here the co was going to confirm after a year and a half that it was really there. When he does I plan of going for it again.
  13. I recently found a guardrail cache that had contact paper on it that matched the guardrail exactly. It was interesting to look for it and hide from the muggles at the same time.
  14. My grandson recently placed a geocoin in a cache in penisula state park in wisconsin. A number of people have visited cache since then and no one mentions taking the coin or if it was still there. this is really frustrating and I sometimes think children want them and it is easier for parents to let them have them instead of arguing with them to put it back or get them to leave it somewhere else.
  15. I picked up some jewelery on a big sale to use in cache trade. I have a few caches that I plan to go after that jewelery is the theme of the cache. I also picked up some fishing lures to put in caches that were on sale and use those in some of the other caches. I wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in good freezer baggies. I also leave a note with them indicating that these were left to make me pleased with finding the cache and as long as what they leave is a good (not a broken item) that is fine with me.
  16. I enjoyed the cache that was in the hollow of a tree way beyond the reach of a person with very long arms. I was ready to give up even though I was sure it was there until the light bulb came on and I thought to feel around the inside edges of the hole and discovered a fine chain attached to it. Pulling on the chain brought up the cache from the dark depths of the tree. It help me to really start thinking out of the box for cache hide spots.
  17. I have learned after having to go back to the car for a writing implement to carry a supply of golf pencils and a small sharpener in my just incase geo cache supply bag. If I use my own I can not steal the one in the cache. I am a pen and pencil thief.
  18. I broke one of geocachings rules and went out caching alone. Went onto a trail a short distant in found the cache and on the way out a group of young people who happen to be of Russian descent were trying to break into my car and the other group was circling around me. I was fortunate to be rescued by a passing motorist who was lost and stopped for directions. I decided never to caching alone again.
  19. As a newbie I did not understand swag or tb's geo-coins and etc. My instructor was great but we did not cover these things. Also all the short cut terms or where to locate their meaning if you don't understand them.
  20. I have only solved one puzzle cache and had a great time doing it with the grandkids. We got stumped and after trying many possibilities emailed the co. Then all of sudden the light bulb lit up and the solution came to us. When the co got back to us he said help you do not need help you already found it. Step away from it for a while and when you come back it will have a new look , your mind will be fresh and the answer may possibly jumped out at you like ours did.
  21. I am glad to hear so many of you say you frequently just add swag and also make clean up repairs. I try to put all my trade items in sturdy zip lock bags and always carry extras to use to protect items that need it in a cache. As I shop I try to keep my eyes open for interesting swag items for all ages. I recently found a cache that was all jewlery for the ladies. One was bars of soap. I even took the grandson out to find one that was fishing lures. We make sure we carry a good variety of items with us.
  22. I have located a couple of caches similiar to this and the co had used the little wing type of thing that you see holding a screen on to the older windows in homes. It would screw into the log portion and turn over the cover to keep the cover on. These however were made so that the top of the log was still intact and could lay over the hollowed out hole. These were really fun caches to hunt because I never thought to look into the obvious thing like a solid fallen log amidst other logs. Cachers will have fun with this one.
  23. Gee since I have not found my stool at the locale pub in a few years, I thought there was hope on the way. Someday if I upgrade my handheld will it upgrade to the new sattellites?
  24. The grandson and his grandma are going to try a monkey puzzle. This might be what you are looking for and its made out of pcv pipe of varying sizes. Found the directions on one of the forum topics.
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