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Hello from Shropshire Newbies

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Hi all


After a wet day at Shell Island we decided to try this thing we had heard of called Geocaching. Downloaded the iphone app and off we went Thursday night. Our first attempt to find the one at shell island failed miserably after searching half hour for it. It was only when we read the logs it appears that its gone missing - important lesson learned! The next 2 in Barmouth we had more success with. Spent Friday driving between Shell Island and black rock sands looking for any on the way.


We found 6 altogether in the end mainly cache and dash as we have a 1 year old and 3 year old in the car with us.


We had fun doing it although we made the mistake of not downloading logs, hints etc for nearby caches when we had 3gs signal on the phones. It meant a lot of time driving around to find reception then heading back to where we needed to be. Ihone 3gs seems not too bad using the satellite map but accuracy of the gps co-ords doesnt seem that exaact.


I have an old advent palm pc that I run memory map on with a gps when I go greenlaning around wales and I may have a play around with that to see if that can utilised.


Seems are biggest problem is going to be using iphones and maing sure we download the information first.


To end on a positive - when we got home this morning we found there are ten caches within a mile of us! They should keep us busy... for a little while!


The Pickering Family

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Welcome to you all


We live on the outskirts of Wolverhampton but have done most of our caching in Shropshire (we could walk into Shropshire from where we live) It's a wonderful area :( Perhaps when your little ones are older you will be able to explore the Shropshire hills but there are plenty of other places to visit. You will probably find geocaching takes you to places you would not have visited otherwise.


Hoping you enjoy your new found hobby ~ I'm sure you will


Izzy & Paul

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