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  1. They already have. They support the UK reviewers because they are (expert) Geocachers. Their word. Not mine
  2. That doesn't surprise me Jack. Dictatorships don't like to be questioned. The only way is to vote with our wallets. I will set up a Facebook group soon to discuss options regarding UK reviewers and Groundspeak. It will be behind closed doors so to speak but I am sure it will have more that 17 members and a lackey.
  3. There is Warrington Cachers who are a really friendly group http://www.warringtoncachers.co.uk/phpBB3/index.php
  4. 4wheeling_fool, May I point you in the direction of a piece of English history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_trespass_of_Kinder_Scout
  5. A lot of the local Facebook geocaching group members put Deci's name forward for Geocacher of the Month after his resignation and the way he had been treated. There must have been a couple of hundred people who nominated him, if not more. So, what a surprise then that it has been ignored completely when this months cacher of the month was announced. Yet again, Groundspeak have chosen to overlook the wishes of a group of UK cachers.
  6. I think it's more a case of they don't want to hear us. You know what it reminds me of? When kids cover their ears and start singing na na na na can't hear you, can't hear you, don't want to hear you, but can I still have my pocket money please.
  7. Thankyou Happy Humphrey, your comments are appreciated. I certainly wouldn't give up organising events as I get as much pleasure from doing that as I do caching.
  8. I haven't been on this site for many a month, only being directed over here again because of another epic fail on Groundspeaks part. I have made my feeling clear elsewhere on the despicable treatment of Dave, and yes, I will be another one who won't be renewing my membership when the time comes. The treatment of Deci is one, the fact that Groundspeak haven't acknowledged all the good work that he has done for them and the community over the last 8 years is another, and their continued changing of rules without consulting us, who play the game, is the final reason. Good on you Dave for your stance, I am sorry that it came to it as you were the voice of reason in the UK caching community.
  9. Thanks for adding the link correctly.
  10. Hi from the UK. I just wanted to say hello and ask for your help. Very shortly, on November 23rd, a number of Doctor Who race tags are being released both here and in Australia. They are racing to this cache in your country ~ http://coord.info/GCP8TM. If you come across one of these tags, please can you move it on reasonably quickly. There are three different designs, all with a TARDIS on them and the GC number of the cache. Many thanks in advance, Jacaru
  11. Hi, send me a reply through my profile and we can adopt you. I see that you have now joined GeM and had a few welcomes from people.
  12. Hi and welcome. Yes, Beach Hut is right, there is GeM which I admin and also EmCache. If you want to start meeting people soon, we have an event in Nottingham on Saturday. Some of us will have name badges on so you can spot us, but just ask at the bar to be pointed to the Jacaru event. Details here http://coord.info/GC4H9G5 If you do come along, don't be shy, make yourself known to us as the events can get quite busy and we don't like to overlook speaking to anyone.
  13. We did our first Intercache the other day, that worked well.
  14. Another element has been added to the game here in Nottingham which is making the game more competative at the moment for those interested in taking part is Log-Opoly. http://logopoly.weebly.com/index.html
  15. Or just come over to the East Midlands. We have a reputation for some seriously good caches over here. Jump Start, Cold War Cache, Ouse Dyke Is It, Pit Extremes 1 & 2, and loads of trails around, suitable for all abilities. Just PM me if you want more details.
  16. Anywhere in the Lake District, decent walks, decent caches and beautiful countryside.
  17. If you have Facebook, this is a handy place for people in your area. Somerset and Bristol Geocachers https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/208042965961035/?fref=ts
  18. They disappear often here in Nottingham(shire) I rarely put them out now, but if I do I mark them in such a way that only I can tell. If I find a newish cache that is an ammo can I check it out (just in case. So far none have been mine. My caches are always PM only but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
  19. There is a really friendly Warrington forum and they have regular getogethers. http://www.warringtoncachers.co.uk/phpBB3/index.php
  20. I think your reply to Seaglass Pirates is a bit unfair. You asked for opinions, if someone doesn't give an answer that you like there is no reason to have a go at them.
  21. I found a cache that was an old toothpaste tube once. It was out of place, but someone had taken time to put it there, it's not up to me to decide what container someone uses. It is my choice whether to do any further caches placed by that cacher though. As far as I can see, it is someone thinking outside the box and maybe trying to put a finder of the scent (pun intended)and making for a little more awkward find
  22. Just looking for you and this may be a good place for you to start. http://eacachers.org.uk/
  23. If you can get hold of an old Etrex Legend that might be the answer for you. Depending where you are based, see if you can get in touch with cachers local to you, either through a local forum or Facebook group. One of them may have an old one hanging around that they will sell you for a reasonable price. A lot of people started with the yellow bricks before trading up and they may still have their old one lying around. They are also a nice bright colour for a youngster to be carrying around.
  24. To be honest, I think most of the forum are heading the way of Facebook now, any forums that are left have had a huge down turn in traffic whereas the Facebook groups are growing massively.
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