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What was the geocaching.com like way back when...


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More interesting to me than the main page is some of the sub pages, such as the FAQ,

where you will see some jewels such as:


Commercial and larger stashes can bring even more fun to the experience. In order to attract customers to their store or business, they may advertise that they have a stash on their premises...

...A smart business should recognize that gps users can make very good customers and posting the coordinates get you to their door.




Rich people could have fun with their money by making lucrative stashes that could be better than winning the lottery when you find it.




...it would be most advisable to stamp the offset coordinates into a penny and then glue it to the base of the monument in an inconspicuous place. Fast acting epoxy glue would work well and still be removable in case the stash was abolished due to development in the area.

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