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Rocky Road and Annie

?Print-Friendly Downloads for BMers?

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How about a Print-friendly download option from Groundspeak that drops "For On-line Maps" and previous "logged Visits" leaving only "Details" and "Official History"??? Or am I the only guy printing sheets to take to the field? Please break it to me gently. (Or give me a clue!)

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Take a look at Geoclipping. Although it was designed for pasting text for caches into Palm PDA's, you can also send benchmark data sheets into NotePad and print 'em out. It works pretty well, except that long data sheets (especially with several logs) can sometimes exceed the 4K memory limit per sheet.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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Your not alone icon_wink.gif


Although I have not hunted many, I have a 5 mile radius (approx. 52) printed and ready to go.


Aside from the wasted ink (I do this @ work!), I dont mind printing them out. At least I dont have to worry about them being archived if I havent checked them online in awhile.


I will be in the market for a PDA very soon, I would like to take advantage of PQ's and such, just not sure if I want something running Palm OS or WinCE icon_frown.gif






Krs, Kar & Na

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Originally posted by jeff35080:

At one time I posted almost the same question and someone was kind enough to post their Cache Simplifier here that makes printing the pages a snap.


That'd be me. Cache Simplifier



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