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Calling all forum packrats: Your JUNK for my GEOCOINS!


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The only thing I have on your list is Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True cassette with the insert. I think I played it once maybe twice before I found out that they were lipsincing. Oh well, if you can use it let me know. I am still kinda new but it was fun searching for stuff.

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Quick update!


Our Scavenger Hunt deadline for turning in items has now passed, so it's wait and see to find out who the winner will be! The judge will be going through all submissions sometime this week, and I'm happy to report that I managed to turn in something for each item listed! I had to get creative with a few items, but regardless of the outcome, I had a blast doing one of these again. After countless trips to family attics and basements, a neighbor's garage, a flea market, and even a gun shop, I've done enough seeking to earn a couple dozen smilies!


To everyone who sent items, I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm! I couldn't have done it without your help! After an exhausting week of things going on around the house, I'll now have some free time to get some things off in the mail.


Thanks again, and I'll report on the results as soon as I hear!

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I mentioned somewhere, that my wife and I used to participate in a lot of scavenger hunts, and held a scavenger hunt every year on halloween. I enjoyed participating in this thread, and some of the memories it evoked.


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We've been out of town this past weekend for a wedding, but I got the news that...I won the Scavenger Hunt!!!




Special thanks to everyone who participated in this thread. Your enthusiasm was awesome, and gave me the idea to create an upcoming photo scavenger hunt thread for the forums. Stay tuned for that!


HUMUNGOUS THANKS to the folks with whom I had contact and made arrangements to send items for the hunt. Couldn't have done it without you, because it took every item on the list to win it! Keep an eye out in the mail for some "Thank You's".


And as promised, one random poster from this thread will also receive a special gift, and by the awesome power of randomness, I hereby clicketh the randomizer...




Post #3...

wolfslady is the winner!


Congratulations wolfslady, keep an eye on your mailbox. I have an idea for something you might like. :)


So, that closes out this particular hunt. I still have no idea what I may have won, but it was honestly about playing the game for me. I have to tell you all a neat story though...


In the process of searching through my parents' attic for my old post-college job rejection letters, I came across something wonderful. In a very old album of family pictures and whatnots, I found a type-written letter from my grandfather to my grandmother...dated July 19, 1919! It was a letter home from the time he re-enlisted in the US Army, and was stuck in France just after the armistace was signed for World War I! This was an amazing experience for me, because I never met him. Just goes to prove, you never know what you might find!


Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned for The Forum Photo Hunt!

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Way to go Mr. Yime !!! :lol:


But you really have post that picture of you and the dead "real" monkey...way too funny in a morbid kinda way, and seeing that your wife found it for you is deserving of something super special for her doncha' think? :lol:

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500 points - "Picture of a team member holding a real monkey."


Well, here's me and my REAL monkey!




The rules didn't specify it had to be a "live" monkey, but this pic still sparked

a controversy I've affectionately referred to as...Monkeygate!


(Before someone says it...I'm the one on the left)


He's a Chacma Baboon. He was apparently taken on safari in South Africa in the late 80's by one of the owners of a local gun barrel manufacturer. Yes, it's true that my wife spotted him in the corner of their front window, but they don't actually have an active store front. It's empty except for a few more trophy kills on display. So, since I had to be "holding" him, I managed to make contact with one of the owner's friends, and he let me in to take the picture!

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How exciting. I'm so glad you won. I missed that you were doing the random poster thing so what a nice surprise. I will love whatever you send. I've been sick and have barely had the energy to check online let alone getting out, so it was wonderful to see this. Now if I can just stop coughing for 20 minutes at a time. Thank you so much and Congratulations.

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