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  1. In Louisiana, if you are still doing this.
  2. We guess 222. Thanks for the cointest!!
  3. 1. Feb. 2 2. Feb. 6 4.37pm Thanks for the cointest!!
  4. Since I only have 3 coins, mine are in a little cardboard box.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for elephant themed coins. If anybody has any for sell let me know, please. Since I am new to the coins, I don't have anything to trade. Thanks,
  6. We love geocaching because it gets the whole family out of the house and lets us do something together. It also takes us to places we didn't know existed, even if it is just a couple of miles from the house!! Thanks for the cointest.
  7. This sounds like fun!! Doing one for myself, my wife and our 3 children. Good luck to all who enter.
  8. The picture of this cache shows how most of our day went!!!
  9. I think that we should get a chance at one of the coins because some of our ancestors migrated from Canada to Louisiana. It would be nice if one of your coins did the same. Thanks for the cointest and the for the chance to get one of these coins. LilSmiths
  10. I am about to release 3 TBs for the Louisiana 4-H Museum. My question is, can I display the copy tag in the museum for visitors to discover while the released TB goes on its mission? Or is this not accepted by the guidelines? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. My kindness was done For the sake of someone Who was completely unaware. I didn't do it for fame Or people to know my name I did it because I care. Be it family or friend Kindness should not end At only the people we know. For everybody worldwide Needs someone on their side Yesterday..today..tomorrow. So for as long as I live I will continue to try and give The things that should never be hid. Kindness and Love.... Perhaps a friendly shove Though no one will know that I did. LilSmiths
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