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GCStatistics - Not Receiving GPX File

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On each Sunday I download my weekly GPX file through GCStatistics (Mac, in case there's a Windows version) and last weekend I never received the email. Forgot about it until tonight when I requested the new one, and it seems clear after several hours that I'm not getting this one either (have confirmed it's not going to spam folder, etc.). Is anyone else having a problem getting their GPX file for their statistics?

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I asked for one this morning and haven't gotten it yet, either. It's odd, usually comes in minutes.


Exactly, it's never taken more than a couple of minutes for me either. But this is two weeks in a row that it didn't come, and at least with GCStatistic you can't request another for a week (even if you don't get it). :-(

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Do you mean the "My Finds" PQ?


Look on your PQ page linky where you will find a second tab called "Pocket Quries Ready For Download"


Groundspeaks new PQ system won't email a PQ if there's 501 or more caches in it.

(Sort of messes up any automated retrieval of PQs... :) )


Wow, didn't know that I could do that there! Still wonder why I'm not getting it through the email though, but at least now I can update my stats. Thanks!!!

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I ran "myfinds" PQ today. Got an e-mail saying it was ready fer download in GC PQ site...

Go to GC PQ site and it was not there.


Guess I stay at 2015 finds till next week (if'n it works next week) :)


Click on the tab that says Pocket Queries ready for download at the top of the list of Pocket Queries. If you don't see it there, then there is a website problem.

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