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Good Caches in Scotland...

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I am about to set of on a little tour of Scotland... 12 days and a Caravan.


This is not primarily a caching trip, think distillery's, mountains, bars, deep fried mars bars and pizza's the usual Scottish indulgences first...


But if any one has any recommendations for unmissable caches. Ones that take you of the beaten track or to unusual places I would pleased to hear... planning on skipping the southern highlands and starting in Glasgow Up the west Coast and down the A9.


A good cache ring or 2 would be nice, although not essential.


All caches considered!





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Hi GerritS,


In a word: Billy Twigger: This is a Billy Twigger Cache


especially GCJ3TZ.


Another on my To Do: GC1FHV5





Death of Power is a cracking cache, GCJ3TZ, but so are all Billy Twigger caches. I can recommend the Bute ones too.


If you're in the Perthshire area then the Dair Mor caches are worth a look, they are grouped into nice walks in Perthshire Big Tree Country (and are being put out for the 2010 Mega).



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Fairy Lochs and the USAAF Liberator has to be one of the most memorable I've done, though you need very good boots and you might find, like I did, that caching won't be the first thing on your mind when you get there.


If you're going this far north, then The Hermit's Castle is just amazing and is close to some lovely quiet beaches (though not the very nearest one, as it's a holiday park!) You can also make a pilgramage to the legendary Lochinver pie shop if you go that way.


And if you're going to Skye, then I'd recommend getting there via the ferry from Mallaig, then heading back over the bridge. The bit between Fort William and Mallaig is worth the detour and also has any number of beautiful beaches, including the one at Rum and Egg.


Don't know so much about the East coast I'm afraid! ...bizarrely, since I live in Edinburgh. If you're stopping off in the capital, then Up The Close And Down The Stair is a great multi with a fantastic story to tell.


Non-geocaching advice, but there's a book called Scotland The Best which you might find useful and which I'm guessing you don't tend to see in England (it must be on Amazon though). It's rather "idiosyncratic" in organization and needs a bit of work to get the most out of, but the guy who writes it has a good eye for the unusual and less touristy places to visit. You'll want a standard guide book too.


By the way, we don't really eat deep fried Mars bars. But distilleries, mountains, bars and pizza are all spot-on...

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By the way, we don't really eat deep fried Mars bars. But distilleries, mountains, bars and pizza are all spot-on...

Well we don't always eat them... (we once shared one and that was enough for the 4 of us ;)!)


if you are stopping off in the Inverness area then a few must dos are...


The Fairy Glen. An easy multi with another traditional cache further up the trail - One of our favourites.


What's the Point of all this?. A great spot for spotting dolphins.


Any of the .....Ness series by dougandsonia are also worth doing - we have only managed pleasantness and woodiness but both have made it into our top 20 caches done.


Have to agree re the Billy Twigger caches - Spend a full day caching on Bute and you won't regret it...

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Thanks for all the advice... Presently in Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond Done one Cache a Small in an Ivy covered tree stump...


Hope to get more chance to find more soon...


Next its fort Bill we think...


If you've got nothing planned tomorrow (and you're not heading north) there is an event not too far south from Balloch, its a CITO event, Friends of Spiers, then we all adjourn to a local pub.


All welcome! :D

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If you like that sort of thing, there's a load of caches at film locations. The Wicker Man (of course), Highlander, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Local Hero and others. There's also Britain's highest waterfall -or should that be deepest?- with a cache there: The Glomach Falls. It's a ten mile walk though... Scotland's got something for everyone (Electric Brae on the west coast was fun...) so if you could say what you like best from a cache we might be able to target our replies a bit more. At the moment you're getting 'good caches in Scotland', and having cached there several times, I'd say you'd have to work hard to find a bad one :D

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Well thanks all for the advice, seems we have spent the cracking weather catching up with old friends and visiting new places. So mainly dive by have been found...


Still mainly good caches found will start logging shortly...


Still a fair few miles covered, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Fort William, Oban, Skye, The North Coast, including John O Groats, Various around Loch Ness now down in Perth down to Glasgow tomorrow before heading south...


Thanks again... For all the suggestions...

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