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Trashing oit BONUS?

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We went to the "Leave no stone unturned" cache today. and My wife, three Kids and I trashed out part of the area below the Cappacinno cache, nearby.


My wife found a large shoe Box, in in it were abouy 14 XXX rated VHS tapes. New with out the wrappers.


We "Trashed" it out so kids wouldn't get them.


The way they were hidden suggested that someone had "cached" them.




Trash-out, EVERYtime

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They have stickers IDing the store they are from, in Palmdale, so instead of letting them go into the landfill, I will dropthem BACK in Palmdale, when I visit my Brother who lives there MONDAY, I have to take his computer home, so i am going right past the store.


(I may noy agree with what the store does, but small businesses need to NOT lose money, and everyone deserves a living....)




Trash-out, EVERYtime

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I was driving around here in the small town of Dupont, scouting possible cache hide spots and trying to find a path to the Sound where there’s a benchmark. A couple months later a story came out that some builders working in the same general area found a large trashcan with something like $10K in cash. Nobody knew who’s it was or how it came to be there. I’ll try to find the link to the story.



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