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or actually Chinldren is what it says.


My favorite reply in that thread so far:




Originally posted by Jeremy Irish:

What, are you on crack?




Geocaching doesn't care about people with addictions.

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I just remembered, anything by AuntieWeasel!!

Some of the best that I remember,

(Jeremy @ Jan 11 2005, 02:44 PM)

I enjoy British humour.

For heaven's sake, don't spell it with a "u". It only encourages them to use up more of the earth's dwindling supply of precious vowels.


Eggs, milk and bread will have vanished entirely by noon, leading some to suggest that Rhode Islanders believe you can ward off snow with a giant serving of French toast.


QUOTE (Effrem @ Jan 12 2005, 01:42 PM)

I didnt visit this forum at all before this (other than when I first became hooked on caching), my normal site is .au.


Good heavens! You're an Aussie? I was mentally cutting you extra slack on the tone of your posts because I assumed English wasn't your first language.


Dear me.

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Two quotes that I refer back to quite often.


Both by The Hermit Crabs


If a travel bug hotel is in a good spot for the quick and easy exchange of travel bugs, then an empty hotel won't stay empty long. People are always looking for a convenient place to drop bugs off. The owner of a well-placed hotel should actually be pleased if the hotel is occasionally empty, since it shows that the hotel is serving its purpose: to get bugs moving quickly. And if a hotel does stay empty for long periods of time without the cache owner continually raiding other caches to re-stock it, then it's not a good place for a travel bug hotel.


How would you like it if you went on vacation, stayed for a while, and when it was time to go, the hotel desk clerk said that you couldn't leave because there was no other guest to take your place?


So you're sitting glumly in the hotel lobby, waiting for someone to come by to set you free. Other guests who also wish to check out join you for the long wait. Taxis and buses drive by the hotel, heading toward your destination, but they aren't allowed to pick you up because they have no passengers to drop off.


Finally a new guest arrives. "Free at last!" you think to yourself, and pick up your bags to leave.


Not so fast! The new arrival gets to decide who goes free. And it's not necessarily you, even though you've been waiting the longest. "That family over there, the one with the cute kids -- they can go," the new arrival says. You stand there, bags in hand, stunned. The desk clerk sneers at you.


Not your idea of a fun vacation? Well, that's just what goes on at the "TB Hotels" which require a one-for-one bug swap, or which have a minimum-number-of-bugs rule. The cache owners are holding your bugs hostage for their own amusement, blithely ignoring the bugs' goals.

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