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Almost there..! New GPS selection

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I have done a lot of research lately and finally convinced Mrs dexter-cacher that i need a new GPS. I can get a Garmin GPS 60Cx or a Garmin Dakota 10 for the same price. I see lots of good stuff about the 60CSx but very little on the 60Cx and the Dakota 10 in the forum (or maybe I missed it). I am leaning towards the Dakota 10 but only because it offers true paperless caching over the 60Cx. Am I going to risk accuracy and hi-techedness by going with the Dakota 10 over the 60Cx..?

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I use a CSx. I may be wrong about this... . I looked at a Dakota and don't think I would trade my CSx for anything less than an Oregon, if then. It appeared to me that the Dakota was somewhat similar to an Oregon with fewer features?? I am sure that someone will step in and let us know about this.

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Whats the big difference between the Cx and the CSx..? All i can see is that the CSx has the electronic compass. Is that right.?


The CSx has the magnetic compass and a real barometer.


The Cx has the electronic compass and must be in motion for you to see your direction.


I might be in the minority but the compass/barometer issue is a non-factor to me. It's easy enough with any GPS unit to figure out what direction is north by just walking a little bit.

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When I was shopping for mine I was down to the Oregon 300 and the Dakota 20 (since I wanted full paperless capability) and I chose the Oregon because it's bigger..... sound weird? In all honesty the Dakota screen and unit overall just felt too small for my large paws. I haven't regretted it one bit - I love my Oregon.

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My dilemma is over.... purchased a colorado 300 today and spent some time caching and the remainder of the day learning the tech side of things.....Gotta say WOW....I was missing out..!! I am stoked about it's capabilty..!!


Dexter, what is your feeling about screen legibility in different light conditions?

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Good question Karb...There has been a lot of discussion about it being sucky and terrible...You know what it's not that bad... In very bright direct sunlight it could be a problem (can't say for sure as I haven't seen the sun in a few days..!!) I turn the backlight on and turn it up to about 50 % or so and have no problems outdoors or indoors... screen legibility is probably better on some other models and running the backlight is probably gonna chew batteries quicker but overall I am very very impressed with the unit so far...

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