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  1. I also have an EC about clay, with an optional task to make a sculpture. https://coord.info/GC2F3W1
  2. I have two fossil EC's. Slesse Creek Harrison Lake People seem to enjoy them, but they get few visitors as they are a bit out of the way.
  3. Well I ended up drop shipping it through a friend in California. Garmin sent me a refurb as soon as they got my unit, no questions, no charge. Gotta like that service.
  4. Additionally, after the cache adoption request has been sent, you get an automated email. My email said "Your Trackable adoption request has been sent" yet it was not a trackable, but a traditional geocache.
  5. When trying to adopt out a cache, http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ , after entering the gc# it then asks for you to enter the username of the adopter. Beside that text entry box is a "User Lookup" link.... well its not actually a link... hence the bug report.
  6. Well here I am again, 3 years later. My replacement Montana has finally started to act up on the touchscreen. Problem is a bit different this time in that the screen doesn't work at all some times. Interesting to go through the support page for Canada that is not helpful at all and tells me to contact raytec for an out of warranty repair at my expense. Going through the usa repair site, it shows my unit is out of warranty but qualifies for a free repair including shipping. Wow, way to screw Canadians. Looks like I will have to drop ship it through a friend in Usa. We'll see how this works out.
  7. I looked through the files and what you have done. It seems to me that you have just done the same thing as this procedure http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=292070 but just supplied the files instead of letting the user find them on their own. Looks to be 310 firmware 1.12 with an edited unit.xml and a skin. While it may be easier for the end user, I think it puts you in a situation where you are hosting someone elses copywritten files. Call it semantics, but for me its an important distinction.
  8. Capacitive touch screen... a real departure from traditional handhelds. Probably will be no good with gloves on, but should offer a very nice image.
  9. That's awesome, glad to hear success stories!
  10. Almost all Nuvis will show coords if you press and hold on the satellite signal strength bar icon.
  11. if you are using a mac, be sure to empty the .trashes folder.
  12. Ya, its done that since the last firmware update only. You will find that it probably will not happen if you have less than a 100% battery. It seems that having 3 digits causes a character wrap around, but 2 digits (such as 67%) will display normal. You would think they would have pushed out a fix for this right away as they are defacing their own logo..... great marketing tool.
  13. Here is one of mine. http://coord.info/GC2HK35 it is fairly simple to solve once you figure it out.
  14. It will show favs if you look at your caches like this----> http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?u=C_Rich You can get there by clicking "your profile", then the banner in the "stat bar" on the right, then the geocaches tab, then beside geocaches owned, click all geocache hides..... I know its a long way around but you can get there......
  15. Despite the lack of a souvenir, I had by far the most logs on my ec's today. We have had horrible weather here today, but I still received 11 logs on four separate ec's and the logs keep trickling in. I am glad to see the EC love!
  16. I think you are going to have to try a master reset. Hold the top left of the screen while turning on, when it asks to clear all user data, select yes.
  17. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=67686
  18. The newer garmins seem to search all loaded maps, whether enabled or not. If you rename all your unused maps from *mapname.img to *mapname.imh you will see that the search time is improved (of course this is not a solution and is totally useless, but it just proves the gps searches disabled maps)
  19. Well interestingly (or perhaps not) I can now do the wireless transfer without error. On 4.40 I reset all data, (in the setup menu) as well as did a reset during boot up, then I updated to 4.50 and it works both directions for me every time now. Odd thing about the reset, neither locations seemed to reset anything, all my settings and waypoints, selected maps, drawer icons, power button shortcuts are exactly as I had them before, It only asked me to choose language again...
  20. Color data as well as other things, are contained in a TYP file in the mapset. Different handhelds display this info differently depending on the number of colors that the display is capable of (and resolution). Just google for "typ editor" and you should be able to find out all you need to know about this and how to make the changes you desire.
  21. I can confirm between Montana 650<->Oregon 450 and Montana 650<->Colorado 300 does not work for me either.
  22. Not sure what store you are looking at but if you are set on a Dakota 20 they can be found for much cheaper than that. http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-dakota-20.html
  23. When using in automotive profile (in mount) the Montana used to display the speed limit with CNNT maps enabled. With 4.40 mine no longer does. Has any one else noticed this? Has any one seen a toggle for this feature in settings? Also while in the geocache profile, caches seem to be treated as user waypoints now, and only show on the map at the zoom level of other poi's etc. *Edit I see if zoom level of "auto" is selected then the geocaches show up at different zoom levels than other pois, would be nice if there was a separate setting for geocaches that was adjustable. I really dont want to do another master reset, I just finished setting it all back up from the 4.30 scramble that occured.
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