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  1. Also David keep in mind that even with the "most accurate" gps' out there right now, you have to take into consideration the accuracy of the gps the person was using when they hid the cache. Now granted most of the time with the newer gps' accuracy is very good (Most will get within 10' accuracy). But, if you consider that your gps may get within 10 feet accuracy, and the person who hid the cache may have also had 10' accuracy, you now have a minimum 20' search area. I've found most of the time the coordinates are very accurate and will get you within 10', but I've also had a few experiences where I've had to expand my search to 20 or 30 feet or more. (One particular one I remember was 80' from where my gps said it should be) I've had to train myself to use my gps to get me to "ground zero", then put it in my pocket and just start looking. I've had much more success this way than relying 100% on the coordinates.
  2. Good info / thoughts so far - thanks everyone!
  3. I'm getting ready to upgrade my cell phone, and am trying to decide which one to go with.... iphone, android, blackberry, etc.... has anyone used the app's that are available for the different phones out there now, and which do you find to be the best, or which would you steer clear from? I will basically use it as a backup to my Garmin Oregon if maybe I'm out and about somewhere and dont' have my gpsr with me. Thanks!
  4. Come on out to Utah - even on the good roads you'll feel like you're off....
  5. I use the Oregon 300 with the street maps installed for routing. It's worked like a charm for me so far.
  6. I have the Garmin Oregon 300 with the North America Streets and Trips maps loaded (for on-road routability) as well as a bunch of free topo's for off-road stuff, and it does everything you're wanting too.
  7. I think it would be fun - there is a DVD exchange cache near me that seems to interest quite a few people. I would also be one that would be timid wandering around in someone's yard, but that's just me too.
  8. As long as the average person could move the rock then I'd say it's ok - I've found quite a few cache's under rocks.
  9. Yea I'd also say the Geomate Jr but ONLY if they will be caching with you or someone else that has a full paperless GPS with them. If not, I'd suggest the Garmin Oregon 200, they have really come down in price lately - or I also saw a new one made by Magellan that is geared towards Geocaching. Haven't tried it myself but it looks pretty nice.
  10. From one photographer to another, absolutely gorgeous shots there brother!
  11. Maybe an Admin can step in and give a better answer if I'm wrong, but I would think that you could archive the old one and just submit your new location as a new cache???
  12. Geez, some people here need to settle down and grow up IMHO. Of course we've all had instances where we, for some reason or another, couldn't sign the physical log (me personally I can only think of a few, where the log was soaked or 110% overfull) Did I still log them online as a find? Assuming I had the cache open in my hands, Yes. Did I also make a note or a repair request to the CO? Yes. Do I wish that all CO's would maintain their caches' as I try to do my own so these kind of snafu's wouldn't happen? Yes, but obviously this ain't a perfect world. DO I CARE HOW MANY FINDS OR HIDES MY GEOCACHING.COM PROFILE SAYS I HAVE???? NO! I play this game to have fun and spend time with my family and friends who also find it fun, plain and simple. The numbers mean nothing to me, since I'd only be cheating myself anyway if I didn't play by the rules. It boils down to your personal level of ethics and honesty - I think the guidelines are pretty clear, but whatever helps you sleep at night.
  13. I was in the same boat you were - wanted 1 GPS to do "everything" if you will, ended up getting the Oregon 300 and the city navigator maps to add to it. It works like a champ both on and off the road.
  14. Yea I like the nuvi idea for on-road, but I can't imagine trying to zero in on a cache without a compass pointer! What a pain - imho. Also keep in mind that even if you're right on 'ground zero' you've still got anywhere from a 3'-40' search area depending on differences in equipment. Maybe even more.
  15. I think you'll be more than happy with it - I absolutely love my 300.
  16. The only time I don't log a DNF is if my search was cut short for some reason, be it muggle or whatever. I always log my DNF's if I was indeed not able to find it - I have maybe not as many DNF's as finds, but close. I'm not afraid to admit I didn't find something. In fact, at least 3 or 4 of my DNF's were verified missing by the cache owner after my log, so it helps everyone in the long run. The next guy/gal won't have to waste time looking for it just because I was too chicken not to log it.
  17. Welcome sir - wish you the best in your caching fun !
  18. Welcome sir - wish you the best in your caching fun !
  19. I was basically in your same situation - I wanted a handheld that was 100% paperless, but also had some nice features and I could use it while flying as I am also a private/instrument rated pilot if I wanted to plot-in a VFR route or something like that. I read every review and forum I could get my hands on, and ended up buying the Oregon 300, then bought the garmin city navigator maps for north america (so I would have on-road navigation and would also have basically every airport in north america listed as a POI so they're easy to find) and then downloaded some of the free topo maps from gpsfiledepot.com so I had the topo's if I wanted them. (I have all the maps on a 4gig microSD card and still have room to spare) I have been 100% happy so far. I chose the Oregon over the dakota because the screen is bigger, and I really wanted the touch-screen so I ruled out the Colorado - but really I think between those 3 you would be happy with any of them. Garmin's aviation units (while extremely nice for aviation) are limited to only aviation and can't do much else.
  20. Not ALL government controlled satellites can penetrate buildings..... just fyi There is an easy fix to your problem though.... GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!
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