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Where in Britain?

Walker Dan

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There have been a few topics giving the mileage to the nearest 100 or 500 caches or whatever from a certain point. On a different tack which point in mainland Britain is furthest from a cache? They reckon in Britain you are never more than 10 yards or whatever from a rat - will it ever become the same for caches?

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In London you are only ever 7 feet away from a rat.

That'll sort out the men from the mices. :laughing:

Well, you know what they say about southerners! And I'd guess that number goes even lower in the City of London. :laughing:


Up in the Highlands I'd guess there's a fair few miles between caches.


Some areas are quite cache dense, whereas in others there are almost none. Its generally linked to whether there are any cachers living in the area as maintainance is always an issue for caches away from your home area.

Here are two maps - The first with lots of caches is around Inverness - the capital of the Highlands.




The second is immediately to the west where there is little in the way of population and even fewer cachers..



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