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52 PICK UP - The Mission/Cointest - Pick a Card, Any Card


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Woo-who ... Thanks Opalsns, I was the first recipient of this mission; you sent aHave You Seen Me? geocoin which I still have. I in turn sent it to Princess Butterfingers who lives only 15 or 20 miles down the road. But it almost all ended there as it had fallen or was misplaced at the local post office thank goodness someone decided to do some cleaning. It was fun watching the mission travels on Google Earth and if I turned on both missions they criss-crossed so many times it was hard to follow.


In retrospect having a mission transferred 52 times going across oceans, continents, countries and putting it into so many hands, trucks, planes you could see that it had its work cut out. Wasnt there a postal worker recently who was stashing his letters into a locker, it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Newton did the same thing and today on the news there was a post card from a GI to his wife that was delivered 50+ years later, maybe there still hope for mission 2 :blink::lol:


Now, thank you but I would like if you would keep the coin, I have mine which reminds me of the mission and its intent to connect us all together and the coin you activated should be held by you as your reminder of this fun mission.

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Thank You Kini.

With That , i will close this thread.

i am sorry for those that never recieved any mission.

i thank all those who played the game fair and kept it moving.

It's ashame that some screw it up for others.

I may have another mission released in the spring.

untill then, Keep warm!!!!!

eartha... Do Your Thing, Baby!!!!

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