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The Police.

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Finally ran into the police last night while grabbing some quick caches with the wife. We rolled up on a cache in a playground and parked in a warehouse parking lot across the street. Well apparently that warehouse has been broken into a few times. The officer rolled up on me before I was even fully out of my Jeep. He was cool though and after showing him my GPSr + giving him a brief explanation he let us be on our way.


We made the find and booked it.

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Some time back I was looking for a FTF in a tree with my wife. We pulled up to GZ and a cop was sitting in his car across the street in a bank parking lot eating. We where not going to miss the FTF due to a cop so we started to look for the cache. After about 10min of looking the cop starts his car and ash what in the hell we are doing. So with my wife still looking for teh cache I tell him about caching and what it is. He helped us look by turning on one of the big side lights and shining it up into the tree for us. We made the grab and the cop siad he was going to start caching.

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In a reverse form this is how I got involved in caching. I work night shift at a prison and one day while trying to get my sleep my soon to be son in law was fishing at the local park and had seen something odd. He called me and said he thought he seen someone hideing drugs at the park and wanted to know what to do. This is a bit of a problem here because the prison sends offenders to preform matainance at the park and they have people that drop off drugs so thay can sneak them into the prison. Anyway I informed my son in law to leave it alone and go get the local sherif. 30 min later he came in and told me the story of him and the cop pulling a container from under the park bench and luckaly a geocacher seen them and explanned the game. WE Then looked it up on the computer and noticed just across the street from my home a cache had been placed for more than 4 years and I never new it was there. I have been hooked eversince.

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I've only had two encounters..


One, I was searching for a cache near a historic landmark here in Connecticut, and trying to figure the puzzle when a cruiser pulled into the commuter lot near me, came over and asked what I was doing.. I showed him the GPSr, and explained I was trying to find a geocache someone had hidden in the area, and the landmark was supposed to be part of the clue to finding it.. I had my laptop in the car (nearby), and showed him.. I also had a copy of the Geocaching pamphlet which I gave him. Satisfied with my explanation, he still took down my info (name, drivers license number), and headed off.. (I didn't find the cache til a week later, too much snow on the ground, and the cache was buried under it.)


2nd, I was searching in a cemetery, when a fellow cacher and his two sons appeared. we went about searching. Just as we were about to give up, we all heard a deep voice ask, "What're you doing here?" Looked up, to see a DOT conservation officer, standing and his hand at the ready on his revolver.. I simply kept looking, and said Looking for a Geocache. When one of the kids found it, he left, satisfied. (apparently we were also pretty close to a stream that feeds a local reservoir. No-one mentioned that the terror threat was at high, that day.)


As I mentioned in a reply on night caching, keep your wits, stay calm, and keep a sense of humor. As has been shown, chances are, the officer is a fellow cacher, and hasn't found it yet, either.


Stephen (gelfling6)

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well I had another run in with the Law, my wife and I went on a cruise to mexico a couple of weeks ago and I took my back pack with all my geo gear into town. I had 8 bison tubes and a 36 pack of AA batteries as well as a hand full of travel bugs. Upon returning to the ship, We had to go through the metal detectors and my bag was x-rayed, after a 20 min search and a lengthy explination about geocaching, I was allowed to move on. my ninja :ph34r: skills musta been on the fritz that day and apperently the bison tubes don't look good in the X-ray machine and the custom's officials have no idea what geocaching is!!!!


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Had my first run-in with the law the other day and it scared the life out of my wife.....


Basically, my daughter (8) and I had gone to find a cache in a wooded area, just a couple of miles from home.

Parked in a residential area as close to GZ as we could, then walked off down a public footpath toward GZ.

Spent about an hour looking for the cache in the trees, but had to give up in the end as the sun set.


Anyway, returned to the car and went home, only to meet 2 policemen walking up my street.

When they saw us, they told me that they had just been to my house, because when I parked up, some nosey neighbour had immediately phone the police and informed them of "a man leading a young girl into the woods and looking suspicious".


I just hope that says more about the person that reported it than it does about me.


The police were great and were laughing/joking with me.

One even asked where he could download the app for his iPhone, so you never know - One of these days, he could be reading this post for himself.


The only problem was that my wife, who was at home when they arrived got extremely worried when asked "Does your husband drive a grey Volvo, and is your daughter with him?"

She thought we'd been in an accident or something.

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Just had my first rather bizarre run-in with the police while caching today. I was doing the first part of a simple multi-cache around a local community center. The first part involved reading the text off a memorial to get the coords for the next point.


I chose to do it midday to avoid any muggles, and sure enough, once I got there the whole place was empty.


Well, I had just hopped out of my car and was bending over reading the memorial when I saw a Sheriff pull in on the other side of the lot. I was thinking "oh boy...here we go..." I tried to act natural, just kept on reading the plaque but sure enough a few seconds later I heard the crunching of gravel behind me as the police officer drove up. He rolled down the window, we exchanged hellos, he then proceeded to tell me that there had apparently been an accident between two trucks, and that one of the drivers involved had fled the scene and witnesses had reported that he was at the community center. He asked me if I had seen or heard any thing, I replied (very confused) "oh no I haven't." I then raised my GPS and tried to explain that "I'm just here Geo-" but before I could explain he had rolled his window up and peeled out of the parking lot.


I sat there awkwardly for a minute or so before I decided I'd best leave for now, and drove back home (only like 2 miles away)


When I got back home I logged on to my local news website, (Whose webmaster posts EVERYTHING religiously, from a cat stuck in a tree to a fender bender on main street) but there was no mention of any accidents....


Quite strange lol.


DNF for now I guess, I'll return tomorrow.

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Well, I read all the posts and saw it's been 3 years since someone had a story, so here goes. Last year we were caching in a rural area pretty close to home on a rare midweek day off in early spring. We were just coming back to our car from a trail when a guy came up to us and asked if we saw anyone in there. We said no and he told us he and his son got in a fight and he took off into the woods. We told him we were sorry to hear that and hoped all turned out well. We drove off, turned down a dirt road towards another cache when we saw a couple cop cars parked there, so drove towards another one. Parked and walked a little way into the woods and a helicopter went over, no big deal, probably still looking for that guy. We had just located the cache when we heard it again, circling back a couple times getting lower and lower. I guess tie-dye stands out pretty good in the woods with no leaf cover. We flashed him a peace sign and he took off again. Then we went back and found the cache where the cars were parked before, drove around some more, passing cops everywhere. I was just suggesting leaving the area to go cache somewhere else when my partner says "There's one right here - 400 feet away!" OK - one more. So we found it, drove off again and here comes a cop car towards us flashing lights and pointing for us to pull over. We held up the GPS unit and fortunately one of the guys in the car knew what we were doing. He told us the guy they were looking for was nuts, on drugs, and they didn't know if he was armed or not. So we told him thanks, good luck, we'll go elsewhere. We found out later from one of the cache owners that the guy was found without incident later that day. But we still have 3 or 4 caches in that area we have to go back for.

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It always pays to read the cache description. I am a law enforcement officer with a Conservation Agency and there are many caches hidden on our Game Lands. One day while patrolling I noticed a vehicle on a "closed road", when I asked the operator why he was driving on a closed road, the only explaination he could give me is that he was geocaching. I ask him to read the cache description from his GPS....the last paragraph reads.."Do not attempt to drive to this cache, as it is a closed road and is patrolled by the Game Commission". He plead guilty.

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Yesterday was our first interaction with the local police. We were taking our grand daughter home after she spent the week end with us and she wanted to do some caching before getting home. So I took the Oregon 450 with us and put it in map mode and held it up to where she could watch it and the wife and I talked.


On the way she would let us know if she saw one of the green boxes. Aryana (grand daughter) and I had comepleted the first gaurd rail cache and the wife was pulling away. When Ary is with us I always take her pick holding the log and Hairy the Naked Mole rat. As we were pulling off to go down the road my wife pointed out that there was a large black SUV that had pulled up way behind us and just sat while we were doing the GR. I told her it may be another cacher doing the same thing and just being polite and staying back from us to give us room.


At the next gaurd rail cache we found it again and we were repeating the process. I looked back and yup, sure enough, a ways back was a large black SUV.


Ary and I were at the third GR cache when I saw the SUV approaching. This time it came all the way up behind our car and the little lights came on. Ahhh... thats one of the drug task force SUV's. Here Ary and I are sticking a magnetic keyholder cache back under the end of the GR. LOL!


Policeman "May I ask what you are doing?"


Me and Ary at the same time "Geocaching!"


Me "We are geocaching and taking my grand daughter home. Have you ever heard of geocaching?"


Policeman "I have kind of heard about it. What exactly is it?"


Me i give an explanation of it to him


Policeman "That sounds like fun. I hope you both keep having fun. It is nice to see family doing things together. Be careful crossing the highway and have a nice day."


Me and Ary "You have a nice day also Officer."


Then we got back into the car and drove off. How much you want to bet that the Police Officer waited till we were gone and went and checked out the container to make sure nothing "illegal" was in it. LOL!


Sadly, our little county does have a pretty bad drug problem.

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I was searching for a cache that was at the base of a city water tank tonight when a cop car pulled up, the cop got out and walked towards a house next to the tank. after a few minutes he came out from the house and walked over to me, and before I could say anything he says "The Coords are off a bit try a little farther that way." apperantly he lives there and actually caches a little.

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