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  1. The caches were logged in order of the finds. The only one that I can think of would be "Mormete GC14M9F" as that one was the only one even remotely close to a business. We still parked on the road side and walked down an incline to a picnik table that was beside a gravel parking lot area. So that is the only one that I could think of. It being Sunday all businesses were closed. For those of you still concerned this is a highway not an interstate. It also was late Sunday afternoon so traffic was very light. This stretch of road goes from one small town to another small town to another small town and so on. It is not like it hooks up major cities and megalopisis. How we park and position the car a driver would have to plow through our car AND the gaurd rail to hit us. But traffic at that time of day is light. Besides, there were 3 adults watching over 2 kids and my grand kids LOVE GR caches. Go figure. LOL! We do other types and save the GR caches for when we are on the road taking them back to mommy. We will take different routes so they can have them to find on every trip. It will be a sad day for them when we wipe all of them out in our area.
  2. For those of you concerned about us taking our grandkids GR caching shame on you for even thinking that I would endanger my loved ones! Now to put your mind at ease the road we were on is a very wide four lane highway. It also has very wide pull over/break down lanes. The grandkids are made to exit our vehicle by way of passenger door away from the main road and immediantly go over it to the opposite side of the gaurd rail where the caches are normally put any way. Ary is 11 and AJ is 5. AJ stays by me even though sometimes it hinders him from making a find because older sister gets to jump the gaurd rails first. But they are always close to me and kept safe! They both LOVE geocaching with us no matter what type we go for, please check my photo albums for the smiles. Mormete GC14M9F is the only one that I can possibly think of that the man may have been talking about. It was located at a business under a picnic table that is out front and it being sunday was closed. But still we parked at the road and walked down to it as I had guessed where the cache was. Once we were on our way again with both looking at the map function of the Oregon 450 they settled back down and once again became engrossed in trying to see who spotted the next little green box scrolling into view first.
  3. Nice day for geocaching for us. The grandkids were with us and something weird and a bit unnerving happened. For a bit I thought it was going to turn ugly. What did happen as were were doing guard rail caching. It happened as we were on the side of the road grabbing one. We had just made the find when a large SUV came hard across the meridian (illegal u-turning) and came roaring up to us and slammed on the brakes beside us. It scared the grandkids. I asked the driver who was an older man, "May I help you?" The man in a meanacing voice pointed to a much younger man sitting beside him said, "He said you were just at my shop, so is there anything I can do for you." I looked at him and told him that we were geocaching and had not been to any shop. That we had never even strayed from the roadsides. He glared at me and said nothing. So I started to explain what geocaching was but he wanted no explanation. Just repeated very menacingly that we had been to his shop and asked what we were doing there. I repeated that we were never at his shop and once again said we were geocaching. He just glared at all of us again, dropped the SUV into drive and peeled off. WEIRD
  4. I get a PM mainly for the pocket queries. That for me is worth it.
  5. Thank You for that pearl of wisdom brama that I already knew. Read the whole thread carefully and I think you may see that I was upset at first but then got over it when the artwork rules were explained to me. No, I am not brand new to geocaching but was unfamiliar with that type cache. You learn something new everyday or you just spend life spinning your wheels. BTW, what you directed directly at me makes no sense following the ones you quoted which were not me.
  6. I had JS disabled also on top of Java disabled. I enabled JS and left Java disabled.
  7. Looks like it installed. I will check. Confirmed as now working! Cool! Thanks!
  8. Thats odd, because I just checked again and not even the maps load in FF 19. Is the GC site dependent on Java script in anyway? I do have java disabled because of the recent serious security loophole with java.
  9. Looks like there may be bugs with FF 19.0 because not even the GC website is working properly for me anymore. I click on the search icon beside my home coords and the page refreshes to the very same page. Not a list of caches in my area. Also when I click on the Install script button all it does is take me to a page where I can view the script. My FF 19.0 is messed up. I am running XP Home service pack 3. Oh well, back to my old stand by of IE 8.
  10. No, I do not want to rule out puzzles as the wife and I love the puzzle caches (when she has time).
  11. Would it still be whining if I turn it into a suggestion?
  12. You must be way smarter than me if you can triangulate exactly where the true cache would be if the only info you had was the real distance to your home location. After all the real cache could be at any one of the 360 degrees of a compass point. Triangulating three close together unknowns would not give you the answer because the given coords on the map can be allowed to be off by as much as two miles. The three close together could be in opposite directions from one another as for the real cache coords. Or am I missing something?
  13. No, what I was actually pissed about is that the automatic email notices that I got suggested that some of the distances were with in walking distance of where I am. That got me excited as I am disabled with two different types of epilepsy so therefore unable to drive. I have to depend on people to drive me places. The wife works a lot of hours and is tired when she gets home so I rarely ask her to drive me somewhere. I live out in timbuckto with nothing of interest with in walking distance so I sit at home. I am fully capable of walking, after all even if I have a siezure I will not veer off the road and crash into somebody and kill them like if I were to be able to drive. So when these dropped and the reported miles was with in my walking range I was very excited. Then I work the puzzles out and find out that the REAL caches were far out of my walking range I was at first pissed. Got it? What would aleviate things like this is that if the notifications were based on the actual coords of the real cache. Do not show the real coords on the map or tell the real coords in the email. But, "distance to" should be based on the real coords.
  14. The BowTie one is the other one I was talking about. Looks cool. But this is a new one that just started dropping this morning. It is the Power T artwork which is closer to me. Looks like they are still dropping as the T is not fully formed yet. But when finished it will make 2 artworks in my general area that I do not have to be driven long distance to.
  15. The corrected difference is 3 miles from artwork to actual cache. It is as the crow flies and realistic travel distance (roads) difference that is big. I will eventually be able to do it one day. But not by walking. Going to need the wife to drive me to do this one. LOL! There is also another cool artwork semi near me that I will have to get to also. I like the art, but just wish the caches were where the artwork really was.
  16. Oh, the first time I did it, it put it on alcoa hwy near knoxville. That would have been 30 miles as the crow flies. So people very important to make sure you put the exact coords into google earth to find the proper idea of the exact location. LOL!
  17. Ugh, I put a number in wrong on the art work. Should have copied and pasted to Google Earth. BUT, even with the corrected coord it remains far out of walking distance. I did a caculation. One of the artworks is 4.8 miles from me. The new coords of the real cache is 8.33 miles as the crow flies, or 18 miles to walk along the roads. So, I am no longer angry as the distance has been cut down (as the crow flies) but just very disapointed. Note to self: grow wings
  18. This is the second time I have gotten excited by getting a slew of email notifications of drops. This time I got really excited because a lot of them were reported only about 4 miles from me. With my wife at work I could walk that far to grab some of them. Eagerly I open the GS site link to look at some. Oh yeah baby... according to the map they are in walking distance. A pretty decent hike but still doable. Oh happy days!!! Then I see that they are classed as unknowns and each have a little easy puzzle to solve. Then after you solve the puzzle you pick out the correct answer for the coords. WTH?!?!?!?!?! The real coords are like 30 miles from me. Sorry I call Bull. Only the "artwork" is close to me. Pissed off....
  19. "but if standing on a guard rail" You may have been standing on the cache. Was it a metal gaurd rail? If so there are lots of magnetic caches.
  20. Well, here is a link to the user guide: I see nowhere in it about manually inputting coords for the Jr. I do have a Jr. that I bought for my grand daughter when I was not sure she would totally take care of a more expensive GPS. She quickly out grew it and started begging for a "real" gps like grandpa had. LOL! There is no way to input coords or edit coords from the unit in the field that I know of. The only things that I can think of that it is talking about is: 1. Just going out nearby and setting a "Home" position. Then come back and give it to the person and tell them to go find "Home". 2. (Using the end of life software) While on your PC manually edit the name,gc code, long and lat on a gpx file that you have downloaded using something like note pad. Then using the "end of life" software and your update kit reupload the edited gpx to the Jr. Maybe I'm an idiot and have over looked a nifty thing about the Jr., but I do not think so. Good Luck.
  21. I am pretty sure that you can not input coords maually. If you want to update the geocaches then you need the update kit.
  22. Wow! I want! Does anybody else see on the spec pictures what looks like a lane assist image? That would be a nice feature. Also unlimited caches! Also I wonder if the waypoint editing feature where you can delete individual waypoints extends to the geocache section?
  23. 312. Good Luck, Have Fun, and stay Safe. I envy you.
  24. Here is where I used to go when I used the geomate jr.
  25. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=293602
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