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Metal Detectors

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We use a metal detector to locate benchmarks. I have never used a metal detector to hunt for a geocache although I have threatened to do so. A small rake has been very useful in a couple instances in hunting for caches that are not buried according to the cache owners but I would differ with them.

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Does anybody think that you could bring a metal detector along and find anything neat or are they just scams and a cramp in the leg of a good geocaching adventure?


As a metal detectorist myself, I can assure you these devices are definitely not a scam....they work quite well, but like many other elecronic devices it takes some time to understand what the MDer is trying to tell you from the various signals it emits.


I have used my MDer geocaching and also for locating Benchmarks. In addition, Geocaching takes us all to locations we would never have dreamed of going to on purpose, and quite often you may run across an area to return to just for the metal detecting...such as an abandoned town, homestead or picnic grove where rare finds can be abundant.


MDing is a great hobby, and in fact it was info from an MD forum that alerted me to Geocaching...my recommendation is get one if you want one...they are a blast :unsure:

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If I had one, I would take it with me. Whether or not I would use it to look for the cache, I doubt it. Unless, of course, it was a pesky micro or nano! :):D:D

Since most are either magnetic and stuck to some ferrous metal object or under a metallic object, it wouldn't do you much good for many of them.

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Here in Washington State there are several cachers who get their kicks out of putting nano's or micros in blackberry bushes and other things that I am allergic to. Because of this, I once threatened to find the cache with a flame thrower or a metal detector. I figured after I burned away the blackberries that the metal container would be the only thing left. I admit that I have said that I would do it, but I haven't actually had to do it yet. Still, the option is there. [:D]

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