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  1. I would be willing to challenge that statement. Personally, as long as the "rock" is not a tiny thingamajig I think those are some of the best types of caches. I've found medium-to-large fake rocks in the woods and thought they were pretty cool! I do agree, though, that it is good to learn between clever and annoying. Another thing. If you're hiding a cache in a forest where there are pine trees, a really "evil" cache would be sticking a bison tube or something of similar size at the base of a pinecone.
  2. First of all, congratulations on getting started in Geocaching! Welcome to the forums as well! Now, about placing caches..... When you say "require a little bit of hiking," I take it that this will be in the woods, or someplace like that. For a container, I'd recommend something like a water bottle, or something that is meant to contain a liquid. Those types of containers are meant to be water-resistant, so there is less worry of water getting into them! I've used a medium-sized Rubbermaid container before and was happy with it. As to swag, pretty much anything that is family-oriented will do. I like your idea of a giftcard to a local bookstore as a FTF prize, but, then again, I am a bookworm! As for descriptions, that is really up to you. Everyone has their own style for describing the cache. And now for the clues! Make sure they're not dead give-aways! (Under rock, in hole at base of tree, etc.) Something more like "sure is rocky around here" or "Indiana Jones would run away screaming if he knew where it was hidden" ( ) would be (somewhat) better choices! Anyway, that's my input. Hope you can get more input from other cachers. Good Luck and Happy Cachin'!
  3. ever found a nano I found a nano once with it's log full, front AND back. However, I managed to squeeze in my initials (PS) in one tiny space. Then in my log I said it was full and needed replacement, but I didn't post a NM log. Maybe I should have.........
  4. That should be spelled $@#% and you should only have used two exclamation points. Are you sure it shouldn't be spelled @$#&*%? Also, I think that it deserves all three exclamation points.
  5. I carved my rubber stamp out of a Pink eraser, using a modelling knife, like the ones used to build model airplanes with. Here is a link to my Letterbox Hybrid.
  6. I have friends who are heading that way in May, but that's probably too long of a wait. Hopefully she can get help. Good luck!
  7. I think the term is expanded to cover hide/seek/find and even "Did Not Find". We say "we're going caching" to mean that we're spending some time seeking geocaches. So maybe the term will be added to the lexicon, and, with luck, we'll never have to say "geochercher" ever again. How about gripingandmoaning.com? Oh, no. He did NOT just say that!!! *laughing my head off*
  8. POLE POSITION Status: Member There's your answer. Thanks for the info. I hadn't realized that you had to be a PM. I'll let him know.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this topic. If it isn't, feel free to move this thread to another place. I have a friend (POLE POSITION) who is not able to get onto the Off-Topic part of the Forums, as well as a couple of other topics. He has absolutely no idea why. For a while, he thought it was his computer, but I was able to get on the topics with my username on the same computer. We now suspect that it has something to do with his user. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know what to do?
  10. Better GPSr reception since there are no leaves on the treas. No insects. Cooler weather! I'm the type who prefers cooler weather. Not too cold, just cool.
  11. Got my ROT13 Geocoin! I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for making it!
  12. Forgot to bring the beer, huh? Just my thought!
  13. I've co-FTF'd before with my friend Pole Position. Whenever we're after an FTF together, we have a rule: "Whoever sees the cache first and yells 'Found It!' first gets the FTF. If we both spot it and yell 'Found It!' at the same time, we share the FTF." Usually, however, only one of us wins the FTF. Me.
  14. I guess keep it and try to find an activation code. Since it's not activated, it would be hard to trace it back to the original owner. Not really sure though........
  15. Didn't go geocaching, but checked on one of my own caches. In my front yard. With so much snow from the storm, we decided to hunker down for today.
  16. My definition of bushwacking: plunging into the great outdoors, regardless of terrain or weeds or trees, or whatever and not caring a bit! Machete? No thanks.....
  17. #1: Delorme PN-40 #2: $100 to spend in the Groundspeak store. #3: Ummmmmmm.............Can't think of #3....... #4: The complete Cache Icon Geocoins Set #5: A car (preferably the Porsche 944, but at this moment, anything will do ) #6: A new violin #7: A Nikon D90
  18. Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log. Looks like others already answered. When I started caching I had no clue what it meant, but I just used it anyway. Sorta like, tryin' to fit in! I did eventually find out when I investigated. Happy Cachin'!
  19. Ironically enough, it was through my church that I found out about Geocaching. My friend was part of the church's youth group, and he got into it and then took me along for the ride. Now, most of my youth class has at least shown an interest in it, though only 3-4 people are actually geocachers. We have even considered taking the whole youth class out on a "caching outing" sometime. I personally have no problem finding "religiously associated" swag in caches. I do, however, prefer not to place anything of the sort myself.
  20. Actually, for a Note you can leave it blank. I tried that once and it wouldn't let me log. Hmmmmm...... I'll have to try again soon.......
  21. I found an ammo can that was stuffed with a Bible, lots of tracts, etc. Personally, I don't mind running into that sort of stuff, but I DO find it rather annoying when the container is STUFFED with them. I just signed the log and put it back. BTW, the cache was within sight of a church. Whether that had anything to do with it or not, I'm not sure..........It was rather suspicious...........
  22. Unfortunately I believe this happens all to often. I personally have gone after caches for the same reason, to get the TB or Geocoin, only to find that they have gone MIA. The only thing that I know to do is post a note on the trackable's webpage saying that it is missing. (BTW, in the slot where you're required to put the code, put the reference number to post the note.) As for contacting the person who took it, I think that what you've already done is probably the best you can do. Now, it's up to the owner of the TB. I've had one of my TBs go missing, and two are being held. Let's just hope that the person who picked them up will eventually log back on.
  23. Welcome to the forums! Don't forget the check out the "Off Topic" section and PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to join in in playing "99 Wheels of Cheese on the Wall!" Everyone is welcome! And congrats on your PN-40 purchase!
  24. The black saltire can be removed, or even couped to put just an "X" in the centre, but adding a black border to the other colours would be a heraldic violation. The rule of tincture states, "metal should not be put on metal, nor colour on colour". White and yellow are considered "metals", while all other colours are called "colours". Touching black to blue, or white to yellow, violates this rule. But, since you sometimes have to put metal on metal to place a geocache (magnets), the border can be removed. Whaddaya think of this? Although I originally put the black saltire in to avoid the idea that geocaching was invented in Scotland. I personally prefer the flag WITH the black lines. BTW, is there a place where I could print it off?
  25. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE'D YOU GET ALL THOSE?!?!?!?! I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!!
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