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When you have more than one

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I'm not sure it's possible to ask a question like this without bringing out the rabid trolls, but I'll give it a go...


Question directed ONLY to folks who presently own more than one GPS: Which one do you use the most? If you have one that you use for SOME activities and a different one for other activities, which ones get used most for each purpose. Me?

  • DeLorme PN-40: Geocaching and other treasure hunting/searching activities.
  • eTrex Legend HCx: Bicycling and hiking.
  • iPhone: Urban commuting and everything else not mentioned above.
  • Blackberry 8820: I don't use it much at all. But I was impressed with the GPS the few times I tried it.

To keep the noise level down, try to just talk about devices you currently own? And no need to quote everybody else's words, just add your own.

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I currently have four GPSrs but I haven't yet upgraded to a HCx. (Getting closer)


I have a 76cs that I keep in the car for auto-routing and the Legend that I use on the trail. A GPS V that can also auto-route which I either let my caching partner use or loan out. My Vista is on it's last legs so it usually stays home sitting in the rocking chair.


I suppose I'll eventually get the latest auto-routing unit and one of the Etrex HCx models for the trail. I haven't really investigated the best options yet.

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Three devices:


Summit HC - this is my main GPSr, use it for all outdoor activities


No-brand 4.3" sat-nav running Route 66 on Windows CE. Use this for all of my driving requirements


Samsung i617t Windows Mobile 6 smartphone (a.k.a. BlackJack II) with GPS - use this as a back-up device (e.g. if I don't have my Summit or sat-nav with me, because I always have my phone).

Pros: small, light, always there, runs several GPS applications. (e.g. Handy having Google Maps so I can get a street map or aerial photo wherever I go, as long as I am in phone range. Provides "paperless caching" capability. Telstra WhereIs Navigator gives me turn by turn navigation as long as I am in phone range.)

Cons: GPSr is slow to get a lock (especially in built-up areas); limited battery life with GPS active; some applications only work in phone range (Google Maps, WhereIs Navigator, etc); I have a data plan in Australia, but subscription apps are expensive when travelling overseas

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Garmin Colorado 300 -- Geocaching, and main unit

Garmin Legend HCx -- Backup, and for the kids when we are out together.


I got the Legend first, and then moved to the Colorado. I still used the Legend for most things, but I have now been using the Colorado more and more, till I sometimes leave the Legend at home.



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1. Garmin Nuvi 270: All road navigation including road routing to caches.


2. Garmin 60csx: Served me very well for a couple years but is now relegated to backup/loaner duty.


3. Delorme PN-40: Now my Primary handheld for caching and hiking.


4. Sky Caddie SG4: For use on the golf course only.

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Magellan 315-Mountain climbing and basic hiking. Retired.


Garmin Etrex (2 of them)-found many caches with it, but sent them to needy friends.


Garmin Etrex Legend-also sent on to a friend in need.


Magellen 500LE-Found a lot more caches with it, but problems loading made it a back-up, it rarely leaves the house though.


DeLorme PN-40-Primary unit for all activities.

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I have 4 units:


Used most: Lowrance Expedition C; Primary unit for Geocaching


Secondary unit: Garmin GPS72, stays in the trucks glovebox.


Specialty unit: Airmap 500, retired from Geocaching, but still will use for flying as it was originally intended.


Specialty unit: US Globalsat BU-535. USB Laptop GPS, used for getting position data to mapping programs with live NMEA capability.

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I have just 3 units


1. Garmin 60CS

2. Garmin 60CSx

3. iPhone


I now use the 60CSx for everything and let my youngest son use the 60CS. I'll probably give him the 60CS as soon as BaseCamp is released for mac. I switched from a PC to an iMac a little over a year ago and will wait until I have all options available on the mac.

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Navigon 2100: routing in the car

DeLorme PN-40: geocaching

Legend HCx: speedometer/trip meter on the motorcycle and bicycle, at least until I get a motorcycle mount for the PN-40.


I also have a Gamin Streetpilot, but it's bulk and odd routing make me leave it at home, although it could come in handy for georuns, since I can load caches into it. I'll use it for navigating then, but otherwise, I like the Navigon a lot better. And once I get the motorcycle mount for the PN-40, the Legend HCx will pretty much become soley a backup/loaner GPSr. Nothing wrong with it at all, I just like the PN-40 better.

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