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Placing a cache with velcro?

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Hi cachers!


I'm getting ready to place a few caches in the near future. I went and got some lock n locks and a couple of them are pretty small. There is a park that has a boardwalk through the trees so I can't place an ammo can there, but there are some benches and I thought I could place one underneath a bench and attach it with velcro. There are a few gazeebos so they'd be pretty safe from the weather. And the benches are made of that fake wood stuff, do you know what I mean? They are very heavy duty. I'm wondering how the velcro would hold up, if anyone has had experience with that. I'm in So FL. We get heat, humidity, and rain.



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Velcro itself holds up to most elements very well (except dust storms). However - you have 2 problems with attaching the velcro to the surface of something. Number 1 - it may be a violation of the guidelines. Due to the fact you are permanently trying to place something on public property. Although small and inconspicious, it is in some small way defacing that property. Especially if you try and glue it on. Secondly, the sticky backing of most of it - tends not to last very long

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Maybe it has to do with local climate in different areas, but I've seen velcro used with varying degrees of success. The glue seems to take a while to get "stuck" to whatever surface you attach it to, and sometimes hot weather can soften the glue and allow gravity to pull it loose. I've lost count of the number of caches I've found where the bond between the two halves of the velcro was stronger than the bond between the glue and the substrate, so that grabbing the cache causes both halves to come along with the container. Give it a month or so to bond, however, and it usually stays put.

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I would be concerned about placing something as large as a small Lock n lock under a bench in a popular park.


I read recently where the bomb squad was called out over a Chapstik container. That issue aside, it's quite likely the cache will be discovered by non geoachers fairly quickly and odds are it will go missing.

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I haven't had much success with velcro adhesive either....Murphy's Law personified.

Those other issues aside, sounds like a high muggle risk too. I'd look for a better way, in the spot you're considering, or a better place, permanency-wise.


& BTW - THANX for caring about the quality of your cache!


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Back when I though micros on benches were cool, I placed a slim bob (flat taped baggie) with velcro to a bench (county park). I did talk to the ranger about it.

I used a LARGE piece of velcro on the bench and a small bit of velcro on the pouch. The bond between the two pieces of velcro can easily be as strong or stronger than the glue, so I made sure I had a lot of bond to the bench.


Eventually wasps built around the cache. I removed it and told the ranger that I had, and that he had a wasp nest on the bench. The velcro on the bench is still there. That's over 5 years. I'm not terribly concerned about it, it's underneath and I had the okay. But I wouldn't do it again.

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