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Man, ok, I admit, after only 12 days, I'm hooked.


I drive a lot in my job (a lot for me - 100 to 200 miles / day). All I can think about is caching... Ooh, that looks like a good spot to hide one - I'll have to look up and see if there's another one too close. Aww, man... that would make such a good spot but where in the heck would someone park. Man, that DNF is really bugging the crap outta me. LMAO... I never thought to look there (after seeing an advertisement for a particularly well-hidden cache container).


For the rest of you n00bs (like me), make sure you peruse all that geocaching.com has to offer including the store and the international vendors. I have gotten clues for caches by looking all over the place, and, just WOW, I love a mystery/puzzle.


Our family only has 11 finds under our collective belt (my wife and kids won't let me cache alone :laughing: ), and we are waiting to hide our first until we have some more experience, but... just, WOW... have I got some ideas. ;)

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Yep, you're hooked. See below, it's incurable.


Main Entry:

in·cur·able Listen to the pronunciation of incurable






Middle English, from Anglo-French or Late Latin; Anglo-French, from Late Latin incurabilis, from Latin in- + curabilis curable


14th century


: not curable <an incurable disease> ; broadly : not likely to be changed or corrected <incurable optimism>

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