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Coffee Table Book Needed


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Ok, I have been doing this for a bit. When I have folks over to the house and start talking about what I am doing, geocaching, they have a hard time understanding... It would be nice if I could print out all the caches I have found, for some range of time (maybe the last page have the ones I did not find). First page would look like my profile page! A page on each cache, similar to website and details. Include photos at each waypoint. Show only my logs. Show map like website. Is there anything out there like that. Any one have a macro for GSAK to do this? If so I could get it bound and place some fancy cover on it and put it on my coffee table! Who knows after a few more years I could have a Volume II.

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I organize all my caching photos, along with images of maps and some cover slides, into slideshows using PaintShop Pro. Adobe Photoshop would work just as well.


I can show any geocaching trip album on my flat screen TV. It's "connected" via my wireless router to the desktop computer in the next room where the images are stored.


It's a digital coffee table book. The coffee table is vertical instead of horizontal.

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Hamstercaching began in Pittsburgh in 2003 and has since spread to become an international phenomenon as a geocaching "side game," much like trackable geocoins. Hamsters are not trackable, however, so Groundspeak will not give us our own forum section about them. So, I can't say much more without taking the thread off-topic.


So, what are some other ways which people use to display their geocaching adventures?

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Since day (find) one I have been keeping everything geocache related in my 'notebooks'. I still am a paper cacher, so I print every page for every cache I look for. I keep notes on the page, such as what I trades for, critter sightings, etc. I also take many photos. When I am back hope, I put everything from the day into the notebook, (really just a 3 ring binder) and then get the pics I like the best printed and stick them in also. I also make a print out of the online log to keep as well.

I guess I got a lot of time on my hands! But its a lot of fun for me to be able to look back anytime and see everything I've done.

Luckily I only find 6 or 8 or so at a time, and cache about twice a month in summer otherwise my note books would take over the house! (I have 17 now!)


Good luck keeping your memories together, it is very rewarding looking at the memories, and sharing them as well.

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