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Loading Geocaches onto a Nuvi 760

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I have a Nuvi 750 and they all show on the map screen. It's the POI's that you have to zoom in to about 300 feet to see them. It's been a while since I went through the setup process and my Nuvi is in my work truck several blocks away; so, I can't go through to see what setting you need to address. Are they downloading at all? I use MapSource, but for some reason I have to download twice to get the waypoints downloaded.

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I do it all the time and are two ways to do it that I use.

First you can hit the GPS send button on a cache page. By doing it this way you will have a closed treasure box icon on the map and the tag will show the GC number.

The second way that I use is in GSAK. Pick a cache in the area that you a going to and set that cache as the center point. Then go to File>export>mapsource file, (assuming you have map source installed one your computer). In the dialog box that pops up set the number of caches to export to 490 and any of the other setting yoou wish to change. Then click on generate. GSAK will open map source and export 490 caches tehm you cacn use the routing tool to create a route to the ones that you want, (only works on the 7xx series and above). Hook up your nuvi and click the send to GPS button.

If you send routes you will have to go to tools>my data>import route from file. In the my data folder you will also have options where you can delete routes and favorites. You will want to clear both as the nuvi can only handle 500 waypoints, or favorites as they are called on the nuvi.

By doing it the GSAK way you will see the closed treasure box icon on the screen and the tag can have the smart name or the GC number.

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