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my first Cointest!

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Ok, here comes my first cointest! I hope I do everything right...


It is said that criminals used red herrings in the past to mislead trackhounds away from their scent... Therefore the phrase red herring can be used as a synonym for a hint or a trace that is deceiving you, leading nowhere...


Well, I suggested a design idea for a red herring geocoin to Sepp & Bertas Shop and ended up having a beautiful Personal Edition of the resulting coin: There are 35 little red herrings minted in copper finish. All the other little herrings can be ordered at S&B soon, but the copper herrings will only be available by trade or: in this cointest!


What do you have to do to win it?


In one of the books written by Douglas Adams (who is my favourite writer) is a quotation which contains the word „herring“. The first who finds the right one (I don't know if there are others) and posts it here (add the title of the book as well, please), will win an unactivated red herring geocoin with copper finish!


Here is a picture of three red herrings.


It is not a big coin, the length is about 4,5cm. The back says „Don't follow the red herring, track it at geocaching.com“, and you can take a look at the icon in my profile, because I already released one ...


Good luck!

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I knew there are a lot of other Douglas Adams fans among geocachers, but this did surprise me :ph34r:


Ok, I put another one out... The next red herring in copper goes to the one who can answer a more complex question: the title of the second Dirk Gently novel is a phrase he used in one of his other books. To which character is that phrase connected, and how is that character connected to the mentioned Dirk Gently novel?


@ surteb: if you know that answer, too, please send it via mail, so someone else has the opportunity to win a copper herring, too!

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The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

The title is a phrase which appeared in Adams' novel Life, the Universe and Everything to describe the wretched boredom of immortal being Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged, and is a play on the theological treatise Dark Night of the Soul, by Saint John of the Cross.

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Phrase: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Character: Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged

Quote Wikipedia: Wowbagger is an alien who became immortal due to an accident with an irrational particle accelerator, a pair of rubber bands and a liquid lunch, so therefore does not know how to handle being immortal.

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OK, this is it!


three more coins to Tschakko, Team Amaroo and Dimkasimir!


please send me your adresses via GC.com, and I'll send each of you a coin! It's nice to see that there are so many other DNA-fans around :ph34r:

Wow! Thanks so much! I really love the concept of the coin as well as the design. :lol:

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Nice giveaways Chur, your a generous cacher.


I saw these little beauties at Sepp & Bertas Shop as "coming soon" so I have them bookmarked and I check daily, :rolleyes: I used to sign my BBS posts with a similar fish back in the old days ( many many years ago before the Internet was in Australia) <_<

So I'll be stocking up when they are released, Congrats on the design, a good looking herring to be sure :blink:


And just for the fans, from my addled memory i think it went something like

"the smug smiles he wore at other peoples funerals started to fade"

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Sorry to all, who missed the cointest! That was very quick... But I've learned, next time I do a cointest, it will not be a "first-to-answer-wins-cointest", but something, where many posts will be possible... I need to find some ideas...


The herrings are on their way now


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