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2008 Coin and Bug report

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Well I have released a total combination of 13 coins and or TB's in 2008,out of them 8 seem to be traveling the world fine, 5 on the other hand seem to be M.I.A. not good odds of survival.

How are any of your 2008 coins or bugs releases doing?



Total released: 13 coins or Tbs’s

Presumed Missing: 5

Total Miles: 23,569

Average Miles: 1813

Furthest traveled: 7734miles

Least traveled: 0 mile, then came up missing

Moved by me: 130 TB's/Coins


edited to add break down in stats

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I haven't released too many, but the Todie's Wild Ride group has released MANY as a combined total! I am very proud of everyone for their effort and am happy watching the emails pour in from all these traveling (if my estimate is correct, I'd guess around 270??? give or take)!


I would add that THANKS to chqualitycoins, there are somewhere around 70-80 Rockin Roddy's Cachestalkers traveling in this race, WELL DONE my friends!! AND, it's never too late to become involved in the race, anyone wishing to release coins in the race should visit the Tdoie's Wild Ride thread for more info.


Sorry, I'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming now!

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I really enjoy setting coins free for folks to discover and move around. This year I released about 30 coins into the wild and 8 travel bugs. In addition, there are coin 'residents' for discovery in the logbook of my 11 placed caches in 2008.


Most coins are actively moving. Only a few of the coins are MIA - two Gnomes just up and disappeared, and one of my boy's Kid's Caching coins - the other slow ones I haven't given up hope on yet. Sometimes it just takes a while before someone finds it in the bottom of their bag and moves it on.

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Here's my stats on released travelers for 2008


Total released: 37 coins

Presumed Missing: 4 (1 for sure, the cache was muggled)

Total Miles: 41,582

Average Miles: 1123

Furthest traveled: 9,194 miles

Least traveled: 1 mile

Moved by me: 150 TB's/Coins


The other 3 missing coins may (fingers crossed) still turn up. One is being held by a new cacher who hasn't found a cache in months (I have sent multiple emails with no response). The other two just disappeared from caches.

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Is there some way to get this data automatically?



57 TBs (about 12 released in 2008)

75 coins (about 20 released in 2008)

Missing TBs: a few

Missing coins: a bunch

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Not all coins and TBs travel equally. Some can languish in a cache for months before getting picked up and moved along. Others can get lost in the bottom of someone's cache bag until the following cache season or outing. Yes, there are a number of harebrains out there who don't know how to log a traveler but they'll grab 'em anyway but with time they have a chance to redeem themselves. It all takes time to iron out and get a really accurate account of what's going on.


You could go nuts and track down each potential MIA only to find one of the scenarios above. Or you could just let them go and hope they'll surface at sporadic intervals so you can marvel at their journeys. The choice is yours.


The bottom line is.... you tossed a fairly valuable piece of shiny metal in the woods and announced it to a gazillion strangers on the internet, so what did you expect??? [:rolleyes:]

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