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Two Questions


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Okay, this morning I found my fourth cache. When I found it, I also found two items. One was a dollar and the other was a package of condoms.


Are condoms allowed in caches? I'm not sure. I have read on here people taking them since apparently they're not, so followed suit and I took them. I was just thinking though if I was really supposed to or not. If not, I'll go back and put them back. Can someone fill me in or point me to the rules where it says something about this?


On a related note, another question I feel stupid for asking. I did take the dollar as I said. So I want to be sure, am I supposed to leave something in return or is money on the same "level" as TBs and don't apply to that rule? Again, if so, I'll go back and do my thing.


You can probably tell I'm still very new to geocaching. If I'm going to play this "game", I just want to play it right and all.

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Okay, I'll try to locate something around my room worth at least a dollar and go back and leave it. Thanks.


The dollar could be a "Where's Bill" dollar. Need to check to see if it's on the where's bill website.

Just to be clear - even if it is a trackable "Where's George" bill - still ought to trade for it. Not exactly like a gc.com trackable item.

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