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Has anyone here used an Invisible Sheild screen protector on the new Garmin Oregon Touch Screen. If so were there any adverse effects? Although the screen seems pretty tough the extra protection could be a plus, providing it don't affect the usability of the screen.



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The Invisible shields are far and away the best screen protectors. The company is a bit flakey in that if they make a batch the wrong size they sell them anyway and replace only if you complain.


The only issue I could think of with the Oregon is whether it would be slippery enough for a touch screen. Having a slightly rubbery texture it's a little bit grippy but it lasts forever and doesn't scratch.

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I would have, if they would only get off their butts and process my order correctly....been over a month now. :ph34r:




That don't sound too promising. Hope they are worth the wait.

It sounds like they are worth the wait thankfully. Quality control on the delivery floor must have been on holidays that day, as i received some suunto t4 watch protectors instead. :) (they are about the same size as a large geocoin.)


And my replacement sets (just the screen protectors themselves without boxes, spray etc) have been 2 weeks now, time to ring up and hassle them. :ph34r:



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They arrived this morning. :) .....well just over half of them. :) They have an obvious problem with counting to 5, only received 3 this time, even though this invoice states 5.


Placed one on my 400c and it fits nicely, looks great, easy to install, though their order processing is simply terrible IMO.



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How's the fit on your Oregons? I just put one on my 300, and there's a little bit of a gap on the side and bottom - about 1mm. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, and maybe I'm just being a little too picky, but I can notice the gap when looking at the unit. And the other thing I noticed, at least with mine, is that when compared to my Colorado protector, the shield was cut differently for the top corners than the bottom - the corners are tapered differently and the screen was cut to match. On the Oregon shield this is not the case, it's not tapered to match the bottom corners (and no it's not upside down :D )


So how's the fit on everyone else's?

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