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  1. The latest Google Earth is the problem, not Garmin. I've had the same problem with the timestamp in GPX files not being used correctly by Google Earth IIRC. A program called GPXTimeStripper (google that, i'm on a work computer and can't access the link ) will fix the problem, especially when opening multiple GPX files into GE. mm
  2. The Oregon 200 doesn't do NMEA 0183 (Garmin Spanner mode) streaming out, so realtime navigation might not be supported via the software. mm
  3. Note the Z: GC233XV,2010-10-22T02:22Z,Didn't find it,"TEST" which means Zulu time, AKA Greenwich Mean Time....add/subtract the correction based on your location and it'll all make sense. mm
  4. Says who? It is not rude, it may be disappointing to those that collect icons, it may not make sense to some who don't know the background to the decision.....it doesn't make it unacceptable though to do what they want with the coins they bought thinking they were unactivated (this may be there reason for the purchase and we should also respect their decision either way). I say keep the logs if you don't mind the history of the geocoin, otherwise do as you see fit. If i was buying an activated coin, i would not mind having it with history as i would expect it may have in this case. mm
  5. For a cheaper, yet quite acceptable model, try the Garmin Dakota 10 (or the slightly upgraded 20). They are the smaller cousins of the Oregon series and work just as well in most cases. mm
  6. Google is a wonderful tool in some cases. You do realise that the majority of the folks on this forum are in the USA (except for maybe the country sections), which may help you with future postings. Prices are generally US dollars, postage is assumed in a lot of cases to be within the USA area, information defaults to the US standards etc. They are slow on the uptake and may need more information to assist us aussies. LOL By all means ask away, just be aware of the international nature of this sport/hobbie/obsession. Hope that helps, mm
  7. Hey JK, Just a heads up....the PN60 is primarily a GPS customised for the USA with mapping of their area available only. I don't know of any Aussies with one and as such I believe you may struggle with its features. A nice GPS, just not what i believe you really need based on limited information. Find some locals (aussie cachers) in your area and ask them to show you their GPS working in the field, as it is dangerous to use the internet alone to make your first purchase in some cases....seen it often, just helping out a newbie. I would have replied earlier, however your subject heading was misleading and may have scared away other helpful replies. mm
  8. free ammo containers are not that expensive Ammo tins are available at the Aussie Disposals in Warragul and Moe. mm
  9. There may be a chance that the seller is not a geocacher as it was mentioned in multiple locations and we know how passionate some of these guys can be with all things supporting their crusade. Whilst the image shows some writing on the edge as per the original coin release by C&P, it may be activated as it doesn't say otherwise.....Caveat emptor. Sounds like the seller is making the buyers pay for their original donation to the SSCS. mm
  10. IMO, the 5 cent packaging doesn't add any value to a geocoin. A sale clearly mentioning them as being unactivated when in fact they were, is unacceptable in most cases. Not something i would be comfortable with accepting as a positive transaction at this stage. Good luck in your endeavours. mm
  11. Don't know about the dearest, however the 2008 Alaskan Geocoin had a version made from 1 ounce 0.9999 fine gold for $1095....worth around $1275 melted today mm
  12. Have you followed the instructions to access and upload Fieldnotes here : http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx The link can be found on your cacher page on the right hand menu under "access my fieldnotes" and then select the appropriate GPSr. Hope that helps mm
  13. ...and this relates to Geocoins how?? mm
  14. Camera resolution rather poor for the price and intended use IMO mm
  15. Nah, just a slightly different finnish, still "goldish" Yeh, I like the round versions in many cases, hate cutting my fingers on those edges. mm
  16. As referenced above, they are two distinctively different coins....the Australia 2006 was the first of the batch of yearly coins from down unda, with a trackable and non-trackable version being produced. Shown was the common trackable version. Still think that boomerang kangaroo coin is a winner. Hope that helps, mm
  17. Don't forget about the elusive Austrian Kangaroo: mm
  18. As per the OP photo above. They sound rather cool, might have to get one of them. mm
  19. The maps are compatible, it sounds like an issue working out how to get it all working What was the error or issue that appeared on the computer or GPSr? mm
  20. You may be able to send it back and exchange the microSD version for the CD version which is compatible mm
  21. So what your after is the iPhone version of this ==> http://live.geocaching.com/ mm
  22. If you are using GSAK etc, make sure the Waypoint Name field is set to %code mm
  23. You can upload the fieldnotes to GC to assist in the logging process. Click on the following link which also contains simple instructions: http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx mm
  24. Thanks for the reply, i would have guessed that something so obvious to them which should be on their checklist was missed. Not having a go at anyone, just pointing out the obvious. I hope the copyright issues are persued to confirm all is in order. Good luck. mm
  25. Couple observations that need to be said...... 1. How did the spelling of Geocaching get past Groundspeak? 2. I hope the numbering, if approved by GS, is better than the displayed model as every second finder will be asking how to log this coin. 3. Can i assume the end product doesn't come with the extra website advertising? mm
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