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Most everyone knows I will be going to Australia for holiday. I leave the USA on Oct. 30th. Arrive in Perth on Nov. 1st. Was wondering if there was anyone who wants me to drop a coin in Aussie while I am caching. I will be in Perth (Western Australia) for 2 weeks and then in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) for a week. I am willing to carry about 15 coins with me to drop for anyone who wants their coin to travel Australia. Email through GC profile and we can start to make plans for your coins journey. Thanks Folks!


P.S. I will also be sending a little quarter size metal sig item, "NurseGirl visits Australia" to those who choose to participate.



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Ha ha. I happen to know that TSA will be looking at my carry on luggage very close. They saw all the little metal discs on their x-ray machine and asked me to show them when I came back for my last event. Thanks for all the responses. I am going to enjoy dropping coins for you. Plus a few (gasp) of my own too. I still have a little room if anyone else wants to part with their coins. Jodi

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It is the eve before my Australian adventure begins. I have grabbed all the coins and TBs that people are allowing me to take with me. To those who so generously sent your coins to me, thank you. I shall start dropping them next week. If I did not send you out a "little quarter size metal disc" please email me through my profile and I will have FireBoy mail one asap!

Thanks Again!



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