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I'm thinking of taking some of my trading coins along to a local meeting. The thing that crosses my mind is that as they are unactivated someone could note the coin number and activate it themselves and I would be none the wiser. The only time it would be discovered is if someone who traded for it tried to activate it.


How do other cachers / coin collectors / magpies deal with this?


Toodle pip!



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They would have to have the activation code to do this (having the coin number is not sufficient) so I would just avoid having the code along with you (if you even retrieved it in the first place) if you are worried.


Though, I wouldn't think someone would do that (maybe I am just naive) -- what would be the point if they don't even have the coin in hand? I guess to get the icon on their profile...but do you think people would?? Especially in a local setting where everyone knows you? Hmmm...

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I agree that it is extremely unlikely, just wondered if I'm being paranoid or others have thought about it too.


Getting the activation code isn't too difficult if you know who made the coin, and there several requests for that sort help on these forums. As for why would someone do that, why do people log travel bugs from seeing the tracking number in a photo?

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Part of it really depends on how you offer your coins for discovery.

Do you have folks write down hte tracking # themselves? Or do you give them a list with codes already on it? Or like myself, have a TB attached to your collection and then you email them a list once they discover your TB?

If you let them write things down themselves, then it is possible(not likely, I wouldn't think, but possible) for someone to do what you think.

If you hand out a list or have them discover a TB, then this would almost be a non issues as most folks just want the tracking # anyhow and after they have that move on to something else during an event and most likely would mot remember the coins that were there. (if they even look at them after they get the #'s)

However, there are true coin enthuseists(SP) that will want to search through and take a good look at every coin you have and ask questions. For this person(s) you would keep your unactivateds seperated somehow and just let them know that they are unactivated. It's not likely then that they would want to get the code for malicious intent.

I'm sure I missed something, but someone else will fill in any blanks I left out...


Reminds me though, during WWFM III a cacher brought a Def Con coin for trade/discovery that he had gotten from a cache he was FTF at. He had just gotten it and thought he'd move it on... Many folks(including myself) discovered it while there and wrote down the tracking #. After the Event it went with a couple visiting our area from Germany. When I went to discover it, it came back as unactivated. I thought nothing about it then, but since have realized it was a FTF prize and the original finder didn't know(he had it less than an hour). I was cleaning off my desk area a few days ago and ran across the tracking # and tried to track it again. It's still unactivated and who knows where it is now. It would be easy to activate as getting the activation code would be fairly easy, but I'm not sure whoever has it now knows how or even realizes it has never been activated...


I hope I answered at least one question somewhere in that.... :)

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We bring both to events. We bring 1 or 2 binders of some of our activated coins for discovery. We try and change them everytime we go to an event so it makes a bit of variety. And we bring unactivated ones for trading. We keep them separate and only take them out to trade. Seems to work fine.

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or simply don't take unactivated coins.


i am actually going to leave my hermit's cave friday to go to a meet and greet and i am taking a very few coins with me. all activated so those who wish to discover can.




We'll be proud of you for venturing out :D Watch out . . . it Can be fun :)

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