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"Shadow" coin


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Last Sunday I was in the Toledo area and noticed a OSQ a few miles away so I had to stop and get me one. I found a Shadow coin in the cache while I was there but didn't think it was a 'real' Shadow coin since it had Georgia Spirit Quest on it. Took it just in case, I emailed the Shadow to check to see what was going on and let him know someone was making 'Fake Shadow coins', he emailed me me back to let me know it was REAL!! Glad I took it!!




Thanks Shadow, you ROCK!! :)

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On our way home from spring break, we decided to hit up an ISQ. After popping open the film canister, I heard something inside. I have been trying to get my hands on a Shadow Coin for several years now, so it never even occured to me that it might be what I was hearing inside. I dumped the cache over in my hand and sure enough, it was A SHADOW COIN!!!! I was so excited, and so worried about taking pictures, that I forgot to sign the log. Had to go back to sign myself in!!!


Thanks Shadow...you made my vacation ending PERFECT!


My Shadow Coin Log

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We just spend the last couple or so weeks placing more Official Spirit Quest Cemetary Caches. Sure is been alot of fun. Anyone like to check them out please go to our profile. We hope the "Shadow" would like to pay a visit someday and search our caches. We now have placed 50 of them out or so now. A fun way to learn alot of History of our area that we would of not ever known if we werent placing these caches.We even started some geocoins in them and placed Travel bugs in them.

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:lol::) I found a "Shadow" coin in a great GASQ cache yesterday morning. How Cool!!! B) After not scoring a original while living in southern MI I found one down here. I think this may have to be a keeper. or at least a bragger for quite a while. good luck to everyone else who wants one. :D:D






I found it in GC1HRE4

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I hope the shadow will visit some of the new Illinois Spirit Quest caches that I started in Illinois. It is just a short step over the border. :P


Maybe he will visit some caches near me? :(


There is always a good chance for anything if you keep a open mind. :D

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Found one of these beauties in antique copper at a GSQ cache today. Woohoo!


Congratulations AtlantaGal, we are still placing Official Wisconsin Spirit Quest Caches. We are having so much fun finding the long lost or forgotten or Pauper cemetaries. We have placed a couple new one's yesterday and will be up soon. We put alot of effort in placing these caches and upload all the information and pictures and history of the sites. Feel free to take a look at our cache page and visit our caches, never know the Mystery Shadow have visited our caches you just might find the Shadow Geocoins.

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We were out caching at Midwest Geobash 2009 on 7/24 and found a Georgia Spirit Quest Shadow Coin. Didn't know what it was until I did some research on it. We found it at GC1VQNW Ohio Spirit Quest #44 - Anyone Seen a Smithy? We didn't see the coin at first as it wasn't in the cache. As we were replacing the cache, caught a glimpse of a piece of a plastic bag under the loose bark where the cache was. After reading more about the Shadow Coins, realize how much of a treasure we found. WoooHooo! Thanks Shadow.

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I thought I would share with you all my Mystery Shadow Geocoins Enjoy! Keep On Caching. ~Valarie of sweetlife ~Please know These geocoin will never leave my possession until I die and Meet My Maker/The Man Upstairs.

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