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Question regarding logging a find or not find

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Most cachers even prefer this method. Post a new log and leave the DNF.

I agree.

I have logged many dnfs and even more than one on a number of caches :) .

When I finaly get to log that found it log it is so much better, but that doesn't mean I delete the previous dnfs, its all about my history as a cacher :) .

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As a cache owner I prefer that logs remain as entered. If you just change your DNF log to a found it, I won't get notification. So if your DNF made me decide to check on my cache and you went back and found it the next day, I wouldn't know that unless I checked the cache page. Therefore I might waste time checking on a cache that is fine.


DNFs are as much a part of the history of the cache as finds and should stay there.

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DNF logs can let a cache owner know if they need to change the difficulty rating of a cache. We hid one that we thought would be a pretty easy 1-1/2, (this one)but most people can't find it without a lot of searching and even have gone back to it more than once. So we added another star to let people know it was just a tad more hidden than an LPC. :)

So, no, don't change a previous DNF log after you do find it.

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