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I'm surprised I haven't seen any discussion on this yet. Or maybe I just missed it. Looks like a lot of good geocaches will be archived, including some of our own. Just might archive 'em all and start a couple of new ones.


So let's have a moment of silence for the caches that have to be archived... :)

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I've been noticing some Archive emails come across on caches that I have on my watch list. Any rationale on their reasoning?

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Will you guys give some more detail on this? I sort of heard snippets at an event last month, but didn't understand it without the detail.


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This email was sent to some people. We learned that ours was by mistake as it was not on DNR property. This kind of explains it all. Many of the large hiders are opting to archive because it would be an extreme amount of paperwork and they don't want to have to move their cache every year. Hopefully this answers some of your questions.






Dear Upper Wabash Geocacher,

It has come to our attention that several geocaches on the Upper Wabash Reservoirs have been placed without permission or with a required Indiana Department of Natural Resources Geocaching Permit. A person who participates in geocaching on DNR land is subject to 312 IAC 8. A “cache” is a “device” and requires a license from the department under 312 IAC 8-2-10(6)(:). The standards for a license are outlined by Information Bulletin # 46. The entire policy can be accessed here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/files/InfoBulletin46_Geocaching.pdf. In addition, a list of affected geocaches is included below.


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is giving geocachers on the Upper Wabash Reservoirs 30 days to either 1) remove and archive the unpermitted geocache or 2) apply for a geocache permit. After 30 days, state geocaching reviewers will begin archiving affected geocaches from the geocaching.com website. The permit is free and is good for one year, and can be found here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/files/Geocaching_Permit_09-03-04.pdf.


We hope you understand the need to maintain the balance of recreation and natural resource preservation in these great state parks and reservoirs. Should you have any questions regarding a geocache in question, please contact the property office in which the geocache is located.


Property Addresses:

Mississinewa Lake

4673 S 625 E

Peru, IN 46970



Salamonie Lake

9214 W Lost Bridge W

Andrews, IN 46702



J Edward Roush Lake

517 N Warren Rd

Huntington, IN 46750



Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Upper Wabash Reservoirs


Paths of Evergreen GCY471


User's Profile:




This email was sent without a return email address. You will need to respond to this email through the Geocaching Web site. Visit http://www.geocaching.com and log in to respond

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I wonder if anyone is keeping a count of the number of geocaches that have been archived. I suppose that feels a bit morbid but I'm curious as to the level of carnage that is taking place.

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I was looking for this thread earlier, but it hadn't been started yet.

I ran my pocket queries for 85 mile and then ran my archived filter.

This normally returns 20-30 caches.

This week (today) returned 233 caches.

They all can't be in that area (and a lot are events), but I have never seen that amount of regression.


It's really disappointing to, as I only was able to visit the area once for the unofficial event a few weeks ago.

I was planning on doing some caching and camping this summer, but it appears that won't happen.

If this continues, I'll have to cancel my vacation week to visit State Properties, as there won't be any caches left.


By the way, I exported the archives from GSAK and only highlighted the two (three?) areas listed.

I have 138 archived so far.

My guess is that will go up next week when I run more queries.

(My guess is that there were about 250 in the area last week.)


If someone can host an image, I can send my Mapsource screen grab.

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Actually, the archived number will be higher than I reported.

My filter does not kill archived caches if I found them.

From the two weekends I have been down there (forgot the BAGO bash), I found around 50.

So the number is much higher than 138.


In my recent find list, there is a huge amount of red.

I have one section where I can fill the entire screen with finds that are now archived.

(18 on that screen alone.)

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I know I had planned on hitting a number of caches again in a couple of weeks before the Spring Picnic since I have that whole week off. I re-ran my PQ an most of my not found caches are now gone. Very disappointing.

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Right now I am showing 193 recently archived caches because of this. The number could be higher (and at least one cache owner has said he is delaying archiving for 2 weeks) and will certainly go higher.

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