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  1. I would recommend looking at the GPS/API/Technology Subforums for info.
  2. I can't answer directly for the State of Illinois. However, many areas are starting to require containers to be clear so the contents can be seen without opening the container. This will cut down on the number of false calls to law enforcement for potential suspicious activity i.e. "planting a bomb". Solid Ammo cans while being great containers for geocaches can blend in real good and could make a good IED.
  3. We had an event a couple months ago and we were asked to give a caching story, explain what we like about caching, best hides, worst hides etc. I decided to open my mouth and mention that I don't like LPC hides. Mainly because there is no thought behind going into a parking lot and sticking a micro under a lamp skirt. Same for guard rail caches. What great experience am I getting from going to one lamp post in a Walmart parking lot to another? Nothing at all. I understand that for numbers or new cachers these are good things (if permission was given to hide them there). But, I would rather hike for a good cache. I was chastised on FB for my comments. Guess everyone has their own opinions on what is a good cache an what isn't. I myself prefer something that is a challenge and brings me to something new and exciting. Micros in parking lots??? No, that really doesn't do it. I think the newer group of cachers have lost their creativity.
  4. I tend to agree with the others here. We have a cacher here in the area that has moved out of State and relies on others to maintain his caches. Some do for the sake of not seeing a "good" cache get archived. Issue is why maintain a cache when the true owner has no intention of ever doing their own maintenance and they are an absence owner. Let the cache "die" out and open the area up for someone else to hide a cache. Who knows that new cache might be something even better.
  5. Here's the thing to ponder. If multiple cars with 20 cachers all are traveling together and each person signs their name to the log then the log will fill up pretty fast. From my experience cache hiders are getting pretty lazy lately and putting micros and nano's all over the place. So the use of a team name is the best way to go. Secondly, If 20 people all jump out of cars at once and "mob" a spot what impact does it have on that spot? Or better yet what attention does it bring. I've done one trip where we grabbed 45 caches this way and we sent 2 or 3 people out each time to look for the cache. Each time a different group. Now I do agree that if cacher #1 is in Oregon and cacher #2 is in Texas and the rest of the normal group is back home in California then they don't get to claim the caches that cachers #1 & #2 found. Only if they were all together. But, does everyone in a group need to physically touch a cache container? No, get real people. Team names save up log space.
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    I understand the frustration this has caused to many but to give up caching over the DNR rules is only slapping yourself in the face. Get out and explore. That's what geocaching is about. Move on and enjoy life.
  7. Good example. I've seen these used quite a bit as "Unknown" type. As you approach the beacon or chirp your GPS if enabled will give you a clue or the coordinates to the final.
  8. The two biggest are the Indiana Spring Picnic and the Indiana Fall Picnic.
  9. I think everyone is posting on FB instead of here.
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    Maybe it's just me but someone who is posting this topic that's been an active cacher with this account since 8/26/12 with no finds seems to be a what we call it....______ starter. Maybe I'm just reading into it but, we've been over this topic so many times my head hurts. Follow the DNR rules and we will all be Okay, really we will. Remember the Y2K scare? Nothing happened! So, let's not get anyone all wound up for nothing. Now let's all go out and find or place some caches. Okay?
  11. Welcome! If you read up to post 5960 it will answer your question. Everyone has opted to move out to facebook. I still get notifications when a new post appears here. Otherwise I rarely come out here myself.
  12. I would recommend checking out local events. That's a great way to meet other cachers.
  13. Welcome, to be honest this forum is almost dead with everyone moving over to FB. There is a large Indy area FB group that is very active. If you want more info PM me with your FB info and I'll add you to the group. Jeff
  14. Here's my thought. If I know the cacher and I know they do maintain their caches replacing a baggie here or there for them isn't a big deal. Now we have cachers who have picked up and completely moved out of the area and keep asking for assistance or hope others will perform maintenance. As long as we keep enabling them they will never do the maintenance for themselves or archive caches that they can't do maintenance on since they live thousands of miles away. Truthfully I say post the NM log and let the owner do it.
  15. I'm fortunate that I haven't needed to use my bear spray -- all the bears I have encountered have been far enough away that I could avoid them. The canister I have "expires" this year so I plan to shoot it off after I buy a new one just so the first time I actually use it isn't when I REALLY need it. Just be careful. You don't want that stuff blowing back at you. You also don't want to touch your eyes, mouth, or other sensitive areas on your body until you have thoroughly washed your hands. Even if you don't think you got anything on your hands you don't want to risk it, trust me. Had to laugh at that. Reminded me of when I was in Haiti. We were issued spray cans of milSpec pepper spray. Being in the Army and having been trained in its use I knew what to expect. One of our Air Force counter parts thought using it on the rats in our sleeping area would get rid of them. As he got his aim down and swung his arm around and started to spray he sprayed directly into an industrial floor fan. Everyone got to experience the full effect of the spray. Don't mess with this stuff lightly. Now for the topic at hand, yes I carry and never have I had to upholster my weapon while caching. Knowing how to de-escalate a situation is key.
  16. Monon Trail will get you around 70 http://coord.info/GCY4AF. There's a couple others in Indy but, I haven't been on them.
  17. Sorry but I'm not following the issue here. The .10 mile or 528 feet cache proximity guideline is the same no matter where you are. The only difference could be in state parks where they have another guideline on how many can be place in the park. I don't see this as a complaint or an issue. This has to do with keeping an area from being over saturated with caches.
  18. I completely agree with with the OP on this one. As one who has done the majority of my caches alone I feel very unsafe with these. A lot of these are places on country road bridges, road signs, guard rails, etc with no pull offs or shoulders. If there were two cachers then the driver could a. be a look out for on coming traffic b. drop off the passenger/cacher then drive down the road, turn around and come back. Caching by yourself puts you at risk for these. I've passed up over a couple hundred in my area that I've determined unsafe to stop at. Now, those that know me know I'll climb trees, kayak, swim, dive, or do about anything. But, I won't mess with road traffic.
  19. It feels like Fall. Let's get out there and place some more caches!!!
  20. jtbrady01

    ISQ Finds

    I would second this. I know there's a lot of cachers who would jump at the opportunity to adopt some of these great caches.
  21. jtbrady01

    ISQ Finds

    You are right...but: GC owns this site and listing service, and has every right to control the speech here. They are a business and are just trying to make money, which is a good thing. I don't agree with their agenda, and they don't agree with mine. But it's their house, so it's their rules. No, this has been part of the rule from the beginning. Do a search on the forums for "agenda caches" and you'll find topics going back to before 2002. This link may help you out with the current guidelines http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=77 Make sure your cache text is appropriate Caches with business names as cache titles, or which promote businesses are not appropriate. Cache pages are not the place to promote charities, political or social agendas. Cache pages cannot require, and should not strongly encourage, the placement of caches, particularly chain-letter type series (find this, then plant another in the series). This is an agenda. ------------------ If you look up the above link there is another link embedded in there. That one will take you to this section: Solicitation and Commercial Content Geocaches do not solicit for any purpose. Geocaches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is intended to be a light and enjoyable family-friendly hobby, not a platform for an agenda. Commercial caches are disallowed. As a general rule, reviewers will not publish cache pages that seem commercial. A commercial cache has one or more of the following characteristics: It requires the finder to go inside a business, interact with employees and/or purchase a product or service. It has overtones of advertising, marketing or promotion. It contains links to businesses, commercial advertisers, charities, political agendas or social agendas. It contains the logo of a business or organization, including non-profit organizations. The name of a business or commercial product is on the cache page. On very rare occasions, Groundspeak makes an exception for a commercial cache. Arrangements are made before placement. If your cache is commercial in any way, please contact Groundspeak for clarification about how to comply with cache listing guidelines. Come to our Geocaching Event picnic Saturday and You can say anything you want about anything you want as long as you don't cuss in front of children. You can say what Rev. Wright said about America if you want! We won't censure anyone! But that's just us. I guess I missed something. Is this something the Indiana reviewers came up with or is it Groundspeak's doings?
  22. jtbrady01

    ISQ Finds

    All of that is old news. We were asked to remove all of those "agenda" items a long time ago. As for the link to MAGC that was settled as well as long as the logos were changed to generic ones. I "sanitized" my cache pages a couple years ago when this issue was brought up on the forums. I don't think we really need to bring this whole issue up again. If you need a reminder just run a search on "agenda caches".
  23. Expand my caching range and see what others have done. Go to Mega events and talk to other cachers.
  24. Keep an eye out on this web page http://www.midwestgeobash.org/ for details on the 2012 MWGB. That link will answer 1, 3, and 4. For number 2. The same people host/organize the event. But, many volunteers help make the event possible.
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