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Mystery GC?

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Stopped for a quick cache on the way to work. I don't have my GPS with me so I can't tell you the GC number but I swear it was titled "George W" and the hint was finish the title.


The coordinates took me just 2' NE of what was obviously a big bush but had been recently cut down. All the stalks remained but were cut close to the ground. There wasn't a whole lot in the area so I figured this has to be it. I looked through the stalks and leaves for a bit and then took off figuring it had been muggled. I go to GC.com to log my DNF and I can't find the cache?


Can caches be permentantly removed for some reason. I was under the impression they remained forever even after the owner archives and/or removes them.


It should be located in this cemetery but I can't find it (on GC.com).


N42 13.257 W86 04.704 (This is a cache in the cemetery but not the one I was looking for).



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You cannot look for Archived caches . . . yet. We used to be able to see them on the maps and that functionality is supposed to be added again someday.


If you know who the owner of the cache is, you can look it up from their Profile. Or, if you think a local cacher probably found it, you can look for the Archived cache in their Profile.

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The cache itself may be gone for a number of reasons including the owner picking it up and archiving the listing. As was pointed out, we normally can't view archived listings. The only way for most of us is to know the owner's name and look it up through their profile. You can also look it up via the GC#. All but one of my archived caches were picked up (or had been taken). The one exception is one I can't get to.


I wasn't sure if you were referencing the cache itself or the listing.

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