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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Michael LaPaglia Community Relations Specialist Groundspeak, Inc.
  2. which is really useless because you'll hardly ever see even only 12 satellites in the sky. That was my first impression. I talked to the Chip Manufacturer tech support and they pointed out that in order to be able to track 24 it has to be really fast. This improves its response, accuracy and speed of lock with fewer sats. He explained it much better than that one line. But bottom line is the more a chip can track the better job it does with the ones it can track.
  3. Separate the previous iPhones, the 3 series and the original, from the iPhone 4. The iPhone GPS has a new chip in it. The BCM4750 Chip is faster and can track 24 sats at once. • Single-chip solution—AGPS baseband and CMOS RF frontend integrated on a single-die—minimizing board space footprint (<35 sq mm2 PCB area for a complete AGPS solution) • Up to 2-Hz update rate • Real-time hardware correlator engine (fast acquisition and high-sensitivity) capable of tracking 24 satellites simultaneously • Built-in voltage regulators for easy power management • Multiple mode operation • MS-based (calculation of position in mobile handset) • MS-assisted (calculation of position in base station) • Autonomous (no assistance by network) • Enhanced autonomous (position computed at mobile device using multi-day Long Term Orbits (LTO™) • Advanced low-power RFCMOS technology and low-power tracking at 13 mW for the longest battery life • Host communication via two-wire UART, Philips® I2C, or SPI with baud rates as low as 9.6 Kbps • High-sensitivity, –157-dBm assisted acquisition sensitivity (with coarse time assistance) and –162-dBm tracking sensitivity, enabling indoor and deep urban operation • Broadcom software provides protocol layers for control plane (RRLP and RRC) as well as user plane (SUPL) • Autonomous cold start TTFF 30 s • Exceeds 3GPP TS 25.171 and 3GPP2 TS C.S0036 performance requirements pictures are better than words. When speaking of the iPhone the 3GS and before that are carp. The 4 has the same or better specs than my garmin colorado 400T. This is a real GPS and it works great. Yes, I have a iPhone 4. I also have a 3G and a 3GS. I have seen the difference.
  4. This is the one I know about. It has no numbers. You can start with A =1 if you need numbers.
  5. I saw your comment here and responded to your email. As I said there, we are sorry for the delay.
  6. Im on the 07 coin. I got my avatar about a week before mtn-man got his if I remember correctly. I am known for the Purple Pony. His name is Kimono.
  7. Thanks, we will take a look at it.
  8. I have talked again to one of the Devs. They are looking at it again.
  9. Any PQ's generated from this time forward should have the logs in them. The problem has been found and the logs are again in the PQ's. If your PQ was generated before 11:28 am PST it will not have the logs in it as it was generated before the fix was in place. Sorry for the frustration this may have caused any of you. Thank you, Michael LaPaglia Community Relations Specialist Groundspeak, Inc.
  10. Raine restarted the PQ servers and new ones are going out again.
  11. I care. I've called it in. Someone is checking on it.
  12. Based on Lil Devil's explanation I have done a little minor magic and "fixed" it for FF and it still shows right in IE8. I will get with Nate Monday and explain to him what I did so we can pass it along to the Dev team.
  13. Michael

    PQ problems?

    I just made a call. It should be looked at soon. Hang in there.
  14. Your Charter Membership has been restored. Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you, Michael LaPaglia Community Relations Specialist Groundspeak, Inc.
  15. I tried a test PQ on your account and it generated 66 finds for the settings you had on the other one. I also had it sent to my Groundspeak account to see if it arrives and how it gets here. Ill let you know the results. FYI the wpts.gpx file is a secondary file with additional waypoints. The main file will be the number.gpx file in the zip. OK it ran right away and I forwarded it to your registered email on your account. I got 180 caches. I forgot to tell it not to show the ones you found. But this proves that it worked.
  16. There are a couple reasons why you may not be receiving emails from the site: - Your inbox is filtering the emails as Spam: Sometimes emails from geocaching.com are filtered to a seperate folder from your main inbox. - Your ISP is filtering the emails as Spam: Some ISP's will blacklist geocaching.com and label us as a 'bulk sender'. This is true and false. While we do send emails in bulk, these filters do not distinguish between solicited and unsolicited bulk email. If this is the case you will need to contact your ISP and ask them to allow email from this IP address: This are the originating IP for all mail from Geocaching.com.
  17. I sent a cache log out from one of my test caches and received it right away. Id check with your ISP.
  18. Those of us that answer the emails at contact@geocaching.com take the weekend off, for one thing so we can cache. This is why you didn't get a response yet. I'll check the emails to see if they are working.
  19. Actually the grace period is 2 months not 3 but Nate is getting old so I understand how he made this mistake. This means that if you had a charter membership and it lapsed for less than 2 months we will restore it for you if it has been continuous since then. Mudfrog, Write me and I'll explain what happened with yours.
  20. One of the PQ servers was down. It has been restarted and the PQs should begin to go out again soon.
  21. I looked at your ticket. Most emails get answered in a day or two. Sometimes when they are complicated questions, like yours is, they take longer to research. We hope to have an answer for you soon. Sorry for the delay in responding.
  22. But you can run the PQ in preview mode and it doesn't email to you and it doesn't count as one for the day. You get the exact same type search as you do from the search page, except you get the information you are asking for as a feature.
  23. I was waiting for that comment. I was using my GPS jacked on my IPAQ. Sometimes I like it better than the Colorado.
  24. Not only is there no age limit but there is no requirement that you be human. Some of the non-human members are the best behaved.
  25. http://www.geocaching.com/resources/guide_to_geocaching.pdf
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