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Wherigo night caching

John Wayne Pooch

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I am pretty green in the aspect of building a cartridge. ;) I am happy to say that I did make Arizona's first Wherigo cache :laughing: but it is pretty raw for now. I looked through the buidler and searched the forums but if there was a search keyword to find this out, I couldn't come up with it.


I was wondering if there is or will be a way to set time restictions so that the cartridge con only play during the night. For those who didn't want to do it at night, :ph34r: I would asume if it is or is possible that there would be a way to change the time so that you could trick the player to believe in the time you want it to be.

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I know you can change the time on a PDA but what about a way that it accessed the time via the GPS sats. If you could have it check the time that way, would that be hackable?

This is a good idea and a nice approach. However, this will require an answer from Groundspeak. While they are using the GeoFramework, I have my doubts that the GPS time property is accessible to the lua code layer. Even then, the time would most likely be in Zulu time. I think it's the GPSr itself, or perhaps the application sitting on top of it, that adjusts the time for the current time zone.

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It currently uses system time and I don't believe the GPS time is passed to the engine. So PDAs that don't have the accurate time won't work in this case. However, in the case of the Colorado the system time is the GPS time so you'd be pretty good in that situation.


In any case you are assuming that it can't be hacked, which it can. So I'd say you should make your cart for night caching and expect that the majority of users will choose to play it then.

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If you want to insure that they start the Wherigo at night, you could always do what a lot of normal night caches do and put up reflectors somewhere. Then have your cartridge take them to a specific starting location where the reflectors are visible. Prompt them for the number of reflectors that they see. Or maybe put a micro cache at a reflector that contains a code that they need to enter. If they are correct, continue the cartridge. You could also put in your time check but this would be an extra check for people who might try to get around the time check.



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This is pretty easy to setup if you are using the Urwigo builder. Here is a

video which walks you through how to setup the time start.


If I were doing it I would add some reflectors along with this so it would be impossible to "hack it." I can't remember what they are called but home depot has a type of driveway reflector which takes in light during the day and shines bright at night. I have heard they work really well for night caches.

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