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  1. The irony is that because the benchmarking website was never updated, and because they don't count towards geocache finds players don't use them as much. If they did count towards finds and there were an update, then TONS of players would benchmark. The same is true for Wherigo and Waymarking. Perhaps rather than killing off products whenever they become inconvenient, there could be great worth in incorporating these valuable treasures more into geocaching. One gets the feeling that the leadership at HQ has no respect or value for the very people who created the game.
  2. Seriously?! Benchmarks were one of the last things I found interesting in the area since there are rarely any new caches any more. I had ten different benchmark challenges I was working on. What good does it do to get rid of them? I have always found benchmarking interesting, you had to do a little research and sometimes they are hard to find and other times they are really old--this was all part of the fun. I was planning on many happy years of benchmarking but I guess that's gone now. This news is extremely disappointing to me and I know many players who will find it disappointing as well. I find less and less desire to contribute to a game where the rules and setup of the game are constantly being shifted and changed. If the reasoning is because benchmarks aren't global, then that should have been thought through before they were added to the website in the first place. It's not fair to keep changing the game after the fact. Since most players don't even use the website to geocache, does it really make a difference to get rid of them? I have spent many hours benchmarking and I know some players who have spent HUNDREDS of hours benchmarking. It seems all the news we ever hear from HQ is stuff going away or being retired. I wish this was the opposite. But it seems that as geocaching "progresses" it only become less and less enjoyable.
  3. Well it appears to be working now. I'm not sure why. I re-submitted the same information and it went through. Thanks for your help.
  4. No, I was only running one script unrelated to blocking anything. I tried in a different browser as well as on my phone but still just reloads the page. Are you able to submit the form?
  5. I'm trying to make a cache page and when I reach the 4th step - "size & ratings" the page will not proceed after hitting submit. The form just reloads the page. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. This still doesn't work. I am working on logging some challenge caches and I needed to go back to look at my old finds. I choose "found by me" and then enter found on "7-18-2014" I select all of the filter options: D/T, cache type, cache size. Then when I hit go I get a list of cache hides that are totally out of order. They are not chronological and none of them have the date I was searching for (7-18-2014)! Next I try going into my finds from my profile and I discover I can no longer search for finds earlier than 1/18/2019. So basically there's no way to go into my old finds unless I pull up the old finds page. You guys need to fix this! Its been several weeks and these tools do not work!
  7. I just saw this post, but I'm definitely with you Ranger Fox! I believe lots of people would come on board to support Wherigo, especially if a partnership could be worked out. I wonder if Groundspeak would consider a non for profit organization where the Wherigo Foundation partnered with Groundspeak. The Wherigo Foundation could still raise funds to support itself. The board of trustees could be made of Foundation Members as well as Groundspeak Lackey(s). I have seen a similar example of this where https://scratch.mit.edu/ partnered with MIT to create the Scratch Foundation. For those who aren't familiar, Scratch is an online block coding website - very similar to the Wherigo builders. 32,000 scratch projects are released every day from all across the world. Scratch proves that people can learn coding and that its not beyond the reach of a person without coding knowledge. With the right support Wherigo could be just as popular and also much more accessible to the geocaching community. I have always believed Wherigo is a solid product, it just needs support. If you take any broken product and let it sit stagnant for many years and allow the problems to fester, of course people will want to get rid of it. But Wherigo could be so much more. Adventure Labs are successful because players get lots of quick easy finds and because the platform is supported. If you were to take away the geocache find from an adventure lab and also remove the support then no one would play it. This is what happened with the original Adventures app. If Waymarking, Wherigo, and bench marking all counted towards a geocache find, and those platforms were supported, they would be just as popular as Adventure Labs.
  8. Thank you for sharing this! I didn't realize it was possible to change the default to list view.
  9. This update is pretty frustrating. I can no longer see my own finds or hides in chronological order. I used to be able to go to my profile page and see a list of caches that I've found or hidden in chronological order. Now I get a map which shows all my hides. What if I want to see a list of the caches I hid in the order I hid them? Or what if I want to see the caches I've recently found? I can also no longer see my friends hides or finds in chronological order either. Please add back the functionality to see a list of everyone's hides and finds in the order they were placed and found. Also, please link this list from the profile page.
  10. Yep, I think they are trying to remove functionality to easily see archived caches. The only way you can pull up an archived cache on the map is if you click on your "hides page" from your profile page. This will show you a map of all your caches including archived. You can individually view the cache page by inputting the gc code into the search bar on the geocaching.com homepage. I find this "update" very frustrating and hope they change it back so clicking on the map on an archived page will still show you where it was located.
  11. Okay thank you for all of your feedback! This is really helpful. I will probably delete the scenic at night one as it sounds like it should be taken at night based upon the category description. To find waymarks I have been using the new Waymarkly IOS app and been searching in the map view to find waymarks. Sounds like this process is different from how most players have historically gone about Waymarking. Not sure what I will do yet moving forward with Waymarking as I know alot of the stuff in our area is probably missing or changed and I'm not sure it makes sense either to keep logging missing waymarks. I know people make lots of errors when reporting things missing--this frustrates me alot as a geocache owner. But many of the missing waymarks I have found--the POI was undoubtable missing, like an entire building removed or very large sculpture is gone, or the business is no longer the same. Some of these you can do research to see if the POI has been moved, but I'm not sure if that really counts as a find either as it seems that the waymark is about a specific geographical location. Anyway, thanks again for all of your help. I will keep researching the subject and will post here if I find anything else out.
  12. Hi Max and 99, Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate you looking at these and for your help. I was looking at the Waymarking FAQ and as you mentioned couldn't see any clear delineation of what does or doesn't count as a visit. The tricky part is that such a large number of waymarks are missing in my area. It feels a little hard to move forward with logging more of these and at this point I don't know if I am supposed to delete my visit on all of the waymarks that were missing. The other tricky part is that with almost all the waymarks, no one else ever found them and I am the very first person logging them so there's no reference point from other players either. Photo Goals -- I didn't realize this was a thing. How do you know which is a photo goal activity waymark? This waymark (https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM1815) is about sledding but the only person who posted a photo of sledding was the original WMO - BruceS. Is this one a photo goal activity? I guess I goto the category page and read the goal of that particular category. Almost sounds like the old geocaching adventures. I also logged a find on this waymark: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmTJD7_The_Muny_Forest_Park_St_Louis_MO I assumed because the logging requirement just said post a pic it was okay but I see now the whole point is to post a picture at nighttime. So probably delete this visit since I didn't go at night? I wasn't sure if you saw this page already but here's the fallout shelter one: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM4EW7 Boat Ramp one (I didn't log it since I didn't have a boat): https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMY8JE So just to clarify, you pretty much always log it as a visit if the POI is missing and then just suggest edits on the page? Thanks again!
  13. I just started Waymarking a couple weeks ago and have found a lot of waymarks where the point of interest, building, business, or object in question are missing. So far I have logged these as "visits" or "finds" but others have told me now that this is incorrect. What is the official ruling on logging a waymark find or visit? What counts? Just to add some details. I have found a little over 200 waymarks, and so far for about 30-40% of these, the waymarks object or reference point was clearly gone. I imagine that many of the other waymark sites in our area are also missing as most of them have never been visited by anyone and most the pages appear to be updated prior to 2010. Just to clarify, I am using the term "Visit" and "Find" to mean the same the thing since this is what is counted on the waymark website. There are a plethora of additional logging requirements I have seen which are also very confusing. Here are some of the scenarios: A waymark at a sculpture where the sculpture is totally gone and removed from the park. Do I log that the sculpture is gone, post a picture of the empty ground and then log it as found? A waymark at a sculpture, where the sculpture is gone but moved to some other part of the park (I've seen these moved anywhere from a couple hundred feet to a mile away). Log a picture of the empty site and then also log a picture of where the sculpture is at the new location? Also add gps coordinates of the new spot and the log as found? A waymark about a boat ramp where the logging requirements say post a picture of you with your GPS and your boat. This park doesn't have a boat ramp and the closest car access is a mile away. I'm really not sure what to do at this one but will just skip it unless I can get a boat out there since the WMO seems pretty specific about having a boat. A waymark about a car show where the owner says you can only post a visit during the Easter holiday when the specific car show is happening. Will skip this one unless I can make it to the show. A waymark about sledding or fireworks at a location. Can you log a find/visit without doing or seeing the assigned activity at this location? (Btw, I have actually done both requirements but I was not officially Waymarking when I was sledding or watching the fireworks at that spot). The tricky part here, is the waymark page just says post a photo from the location. A waymark at a fallout shelter which is located inside police headquarters. The waymark page only shows the outside of the building but the description question mentions requiring a picture "inside." Honestly it seems like a really bad idea to go inside a police building to take pictures. I took a picture of the fallout shelter sign outside the building, is this qualification enough to count it as found? A waymark at a bar where the bar is totally gone and there is a new business there now. Do I take a picture of the new business and log as found? I really wish there were more specifics about what counts and what doesn't count as a find. I was searching around the Waymarking website but couldn't find a clear answer. A general faq about logging requirements would be really nice.
  14. Thank you so much! Okay I finally got it to work. I see now I did not setup the original example you sent me. But after working through the new example I was able to switch through the images on the same message. Most of my coding knowledge revolves around dragging things in urwigo, so when it comes to actual Lua coding I really struggle with getting the code to work. Anyway, a huge thank you again. I really appreciate your help!!
  15. Sorry one more question, when I call "myMsgBox(zmediaMonsterImage)" is it possible to switch the image without changing the call? I am trying to only use a single message and was hoping to avoid a long string of if/else statements. There are about 30 different images that I need to assign to the one message.
  16. Hi Tungstène, Thank you for your response. I really appreciate your help! I was able to get the code working. This will be a huge help and will really simplify the images in the combat sequence. Thanks again!
  17. I am building a Wherigo where a player has to fight various monsters. I am trying to create a message that changes image depending upon which monster has been loaded. Is it possible to save an image as a variable? I am trying to avoid creating duplicate message boxes for each monster and this seemed like the easiest way to do so, but my code does not work (I get the text box, but the image does not display). I tried the following example using the string Var_Monster_Image, and I have an Onstart event that set the media for the Var_Monster_Image: Wherigo.MessageBox{Text="The monster attacks! " , Media=Var_Monster_Image} If someone knows of a different way to do this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Thank you so much! This works perfectly. I really appreciate your help.
  19. I am creating a Wherigo where a player has an item "cell phone." I thought it would be fun if the Wherigo detected what type of device the player is using and then name the cell phone based upon the players device (Example Joe's Iphone, Dan's Android). Is there a general code I can use to check for all iOS, Android, or other devices? The problem I stumbled on to is Env.platform gives the specific iteration of the operating system (iOS 15.1 for example is the most current for iphone) so in order to set the variable, I would have to include every possible version of that operating system to account for every possible device. I was wondering if there was a way to simply check for just iOS, Android, or other operating platforms?
  20. There was another post about a similar idea not too long back. I created a cartridge in urwigo which can do this. @Hügh shows how to change the input choices. Using his idea, I create variables for the input choices which can be adjusted to fit each "box," "chair," ect. The original post is here:
  21. If you want to share your urwigo file and several audio files that won't play I can look at it. Its hard to know what the issue is without being able to see it.
  22. I am able to get sound from a Wherigo with an MP3 sound on the new Iphone App, but have not fully tested this since the release of the new app. Are you uploading the cartridge to your phone from a gwc created in urwigo or from Wherigo.com? If the former, you might try uploading the cartridge to Wherigo.com and then download from there.
  23. I forgot to share this earlier, this youtube video shows you how to look up archived caches:
  24. In project GC go to map compare and then "Add Filter." There's a drop down box to choose "Show Disabled / Archived," click that. Next check mark the "Archived" box. Then press the big blue filter button. https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare
  25. jerXjac, You could do everything from one item command and delete two of the commands--this would remove the "Actions 2 Screen." Inside your command "combine with..." you can create a message with two buttons. You will need to create three messages, one for each option of your If/Else Statement (if player contains rope, if player contains magnet ect) . Each message reads "combine with" and then when you click on the message, add text for buttons: Rope, Magnifying Glass, and the third message contains both. You will need to move the code from the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass" under the corresponding messages and then delete the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass." Here is example for the "Magnet" item using your original urwigo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh7f412sais904r/Combine.urwigo?dl=0
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