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  1. Thank you so much! This works perfectly. I really appreciate your help.
  2. I am creating a Wherigo where a player has an item "cell phone." I thought it would be fun if the Wherigo detected what type of device the player is using and then name the cell phone based upon the players device (Example Joe's Iphone, Dan's Android). Is there a general code I can use to check for all iOS, Android, or other devices? The problem I stumbled on to is Env.platform gives the specific iteration of the operating system (iOS 15.1 for example is the most current for iphone) so in order to set the variable, I would have to include every possible version of that operating system to account for every possible device. I was wondering if there was a way to simply check for just iOS, Android, or other operating platforms?
  3. There was another post about a similar idea not too long back. I created a cartridge in urwigo which can do this. @Hügh shows how to change the input choices. Using his idea, I create variables for the input choices which can be adjusted to fit each "box," "chair," ect. The original post is here:
  4. If you want to share your urwigo file and several audio files that won't play I can look at it. Its hard to know what the issue is without being able to see it.
  5. I am able to get sound from a Wherigo with an MP3 sound on the new Iphone App, but have not fully tested this since the release of the new app. Are you uploading the cartridge to your phone from a gwc created in urwigo or from Wherigo.com? If the former, you might try uploading the cartridge to Wherigo.com and then download from there.
  6. I forgot to share this earlier, this youtube video shows you how to look up archived caches:
  7. In project GC go to map compare and then "Add Filter." There's a drop down box to choose "Show Disabled / Archived," click that. Next check mark the "Archived" box. Then press the big blue filter button. https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare
  8. jerXjac, You could do everything from one item command and delete two of the commands--this would remove the "Actions 2 Screen." Inside your command "combine with..." you can create a message with two buttons. You will need to create three messages, one for each option of your If/Else Statement (if player contains rope, if player contains magnet ect) . Each message reads "combine with" and then when you click on the message, add text for buttons: Rope, Magnifying Glass, and the third message contains both. You will need to move the code from the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass" under the corresponding messages and then delete the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass." Here is example for the "Magnet" item using your original urwigo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh7f412sais904r/Combine.urwigo?dl=0
  9. I think I mis-understood your request. You want the item commands to display as "Rope" and "Magnifying Glass" instead of "Actions 2." If that is the issue there is not really a work around if you keep these as item commands. Item commands display differently in almost every Wherigo player and emulator. For example, in the IOS app these would display as a list. If your just concerned about how they appear in the urwigo emulator one alternative is you could change the item commands to a multi-choice input.
  10. It looks like you disabled the combine command. So if you delete the Magnet.CombineEnabled = false this command will remain visible after you click it.
  11. You can also make ZIP, GWZ , or GWC in Wherigo kit. After logging in, click on your profile in the top right and then choose one of the "Cartridges I Own" to create a file.
  12. If you want a message to always appear on proximity the example you provided is the correct way to do it. This message will appear every time the player nears the in proximity point. You will need to set the in proximity distance in the zone. The default is 60 meters. I usually set it somewhere between 8-12 meters. It is sometimes tricky to get the on proximity event to display in the emulator. Slowly drag the player icon in and out of the zone to get this to display. If you want to show a message only when the player leaves the zone you would need to create something like the example below. You will need to change the Zone Exit variable to "True" at some point before the player leaves the zone. Otherwise the message will not display.
  13. I believe on exit is based upon the size of the zone. So you'd have to adjust zone size if you want the message to appear at a further or closer point. You could also do an in proximity event which you could set to only fire when the player exits the zone.
  14. I created a cartridge that demonstrates how to use custom choices in urwigo. There are two examples. Question one uses player.name. Question two uses a variable to set the input choice. Download the source code and change the extension to .zip: https://www.wherigofoundation.com/cartridge/cartridge_details.aspx?wg=WG1GB
  15. Download the Wherigo iphone app here. Once you download the app, you will need to sign in and authorize your geocaching account. After that, you can download Wherigo cartridges directly through the app. The garmin etrex 20 does not support Wherigo.
  16. I will give that a try, thank you. If you think of anyway to change the code in the back end so that I don't have to change the name of the items that would be ideal. I tried messing around with the identifiers but that doesn't seem to have any effect on the order of how items are displayed.
  17. Does anyone know if there is a way to order items so that they display in a sequence other than alphabetical? I'm creating an adventure game with different types of armor and I want to display them in order of how strong they are. The default for Wherigo is to display them in alphabetical order.
  18. I was able to get it working using Day1976's code from this post. I threw together a rough cartridge. You can download the urwigo file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ezvqi5vgebwq7r/Reverse Bearing Wherigo.urwigo?dl=0 I'd be curious to see if anyone else has made a reverse bearing Wherigo and if they have any recommendations. I made a reverse Wherigo (showing only the distance) awhile back that took players to an obscure park that most people didn't know existed. The starting coordinates were almost 2 miles from the final. I would think with a bearing only Wherigo it might be better to set it up so that the player starts in a park and ends in the same park. Since there is only bearing, I could see it becoming a lot trickier to locate the cache if the starting location is really far away from the final. Edit: for anyone who wants to make a reverse bearing Wherigo without having to use code. day1976 uploaded an open source cartridge here. You can build the entire cartridge in the app.
  19. Does anyone know how to use the VectorToPoint function in urwigo? I am trying to build a reverse cache using just the bearing. I keep getting errors though.
  20. Line breaks are a real mess. Almost every player seems to handle them differently (See Ranger Fox's post above). I've experimented with all of the options and found sTeamTraen's solution the best for Urwigo. I can't speak for Earwigo. I create the code as a Lua expression (see attached image). If I remember correctly Webwigo tends to be the odd man out in that it won't display the code the way we want it too. You might try ignoring how Webwigo parsers the code, and just focus on the actual players.
  21. Wow it looks awesome! So excited for this new feature. Thanks for making this possible! I know alot of people have been hoping to be able to see adventures in the app. Thanks Groundspeak!
  22. Wow thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help. I will try importing this into the cartridge tomorrow. I have never created a table before. Thank you again.
  23. I am trying to create save/load game function in my RPG Wherigo that will save and load EXP, Gold, and items the player carries. Is it possible to split up a 6 letter string variable so that each Letter is displayed as a separate variable? For example, I have Var A = WXEFOQ. Is it possible to split this up into 6 variables? I.e. Var1 = W, Var2 = X, Var3 = E, Var4 = F, Var5 = O, Var6 = Q I am trying to create a series of If/else statements that will read each letter and call back how much gold, exp, and items the player carries.
  24. That fixed it!!! Thank you so much. I spent a really long time going back and forth over my code but could not figure it out. I didn't know how the rules of math.random work so I learned something here too. I will rename the variable identifiers to upper and lower bounds as well. Thank you again!
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